Welcome to the latest edition of Phyreblades “What is this?” where you get to guess what the featured weapon of the day is. No, you don’t win anything, besides perhaps a kudos from yours truly, but that shouldn’t matter, after all the thrill of the game should be good enough for you right? Right? Right? Whut…? Spoilsports…


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OK, so now we get to the fun part! Multiple choice questions!

So “What is this?” Is it a:

  • A. Ghost Wing Moth Blade.
  • B. Fantasy Spider Moth Knife.
  • C. Flying Spider Blade.
  • D. Dual Blade Black Hornet.
  • E. Fantasy Tarantula Scimitar.
  • E. None of the above.

Not much else to do but say this is perhaps one of the freakiest blades I’ve ever come across. Basically what looks like an insect abdomen attached to all manner of curvy, damascus steel looking blade things. Pretty interesting. And probably equally useless. OK now get to the guessing!! I’ll post the correct answer in my next post. πŸ™‚

What? Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK, so this blade has some arbitrary name, and I have given you no hints. Ok, just to be fair, I’ll give you one hint. The genus (scientific name) of the one of the more popular varieties of the correct insect this is supposed to be is the same as the name of a very popular classic Italian motor scooter company. Yes. What? I agree. That doesn’t help much. More work. Uh huh. I’m officially a bastige. I know. πŸ˜›

Whut? Fine. I’ll admit it. I’m tired. I had a busy week, and spent most of today catching up on paperwork. So I’ve opted to make a lazy post. And torture everyone else in the process. Sue me…

OK so I’m back again with the winner of this here contest, and the winner is… LoneWolf23k!!

Congratulations!! You have not only won nothing, but proven to the world that you are more of a nerd than I!! πŸ˜› The correct answer is D. Dual Blade Black Hornet. Thank you for making my day! πŸ˜€

And now the explanation of the hint, for those of you who were wondering. The well known Italian motor scooter I was referring to is in fact the venerable Vespa. Vespa also happens to be the genus of the North American Hornet Vespa Crabro. And as D was the only option that made reference to a hornet, it r teh win.

Now you may tell your friends: “Did you know that Vespa, the name of the prestigious old Italian Motor Scooter company, is the same as the genus of a North American wasp? And that there is a funky wonky blade called the Dual Blade Black Hornet that is like totally impractical? Yes. It’s true. I know because of my learnings.” It would sound totally cool… Seriously. Try it. It’ll totally make you sound like the coolest nerd on the block. Unless you are a dork. In which case the cool nerd affect won’t help you. Sorry.

Dual Blade Black Hornet – [Realm Collections]