Seeing how many Dragon themed weapons I have been coming across lately, it came as no surprise to find this shameless oddity:

Twin Dragon Blades

Twin Dragon Blades
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Yes! Twin Dragon Blades! My Life is complete!… NOT!

OK, I realize that in the grand scheme of weapons design for fun and profit, form does not have to follow function. It is only enough that it appear to be designed to perform some specific function. But to be honest, with this thing, I have no idea what that function is…

It appears that what we have here is a set of two s-shaped blades, a larger, main blade with a side handle, and a smaller, identically shaped blade that attaches to the larger one with two round dragon emblazoned medallions by means of magicks unknown.

The larger blade has a handle attached perpendicularly, with a pentagram medallion over the attachment point. Oooh. Scary. Pfft… Thing is, much like the last double bladed throwing thing I blogged about, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the benefits would be for a weapon of this design. Perhaps for use as bladed, double-ended tonfa… Who knows?

Now don’t get me wrong, I think this thing looks very cool. The black treatment of the blades is nice, even though the flames rising from the edges look tacky to me. And the gold medallions are actually a nice contrast with the black blades. Even if they are the only justification for these weapons to be called “Dragon” blades.

I guess that, being the anal retentive blade nerd that I am, I just like to be able to visualize how a weapon might be used in practice. It kind a gives a weapon a little more validity in my mind. As it is, these seem no more useful than the “Beverly Hills Ninja” wannabe that is pictured posing with them…

Twin Dragon Blades – [True Swords]