So today I thought I’d post about an little push dagger that… Can’t really be used as a push dagger:

Skull Spider

click image to view full size

click image to view full size

Ah yes… The classic tenets of form following whatever the heck suits the knife maker at the moment… *Sigh*

Now don’t get me wrong. I do like the aesthetics of this blade. the combination of a skull head with spider legs is actually quite a cool concept, and apart from a couple of the legs emanating from weird angles, I like the overall design.

Except I wish they would have used it as something other than the grip of a weapon for whom the grip shape is particularly relevant, indispensable even, to it’s proper intended use. This is just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure no one really wants a palm full of metal spider legs and skull spider mandibles when wielding a push blade. But you know, I’m just particular like that…

At least the site on which I found it had the good sense not to try and call it a push dagger. So I suppose it’s a cool blade, just so long as you aren’t planning to actually use it.

Use it…?

LOL Yeah, right. What am I thinking…

Skull Spider – [True Swords]