No, no, no. Put your hand down, Pointdexter, I decidedly did *not* mean to say “Unidentified Flying Object”. I thought it would be a suitable heading for the knife this post is about, especially since i think it is a little… too much. It’s kinda… Well… Lets start with the picture.

Alien Spawn Fantasy Bowie

Alien Spawn Fantasy Bowie

OK, before any of you say “Hey now, don’t get your knickers all atwist, Phyre, it does say it’s a fantasy Bowie…” Let me preface my objections by saying… It’s my blog and I can rant if I want to. So there. Now we’ve got the whole maturity thing (or lack thereof) out of the way, let’s begin. 😛

I have issues with this bowie. It just feels wrong to me on so many levels. I mean, the blade is out there, all by itself, with some kind of weird wave motif, on some sort of mutant stem. The guard, coming out of some type of organic looking pod system, consists of something that looks like a chicken claw.

There are two, unequal length horns, or something, above the spine of the blade. (I mean seriously. Horns?) And the pommel looks like it is a stolen headpiece of an Aztec totem pole. The only thing I kinda liked about this knife (and when I say “like”, I mean I didn’t hate it) was the grip, which was all black, and adorned with some sort of veiny tree like pattern. I thought that was ok. The rest?… Meh.

All in all it looks to me like a failed attempt to meld aspects from the Tribal Aztec/Biomechanical/H.R. Geigeresque schools of design. And what an interesting failure it is. Of course this is just *my* opinion.You are all perfectly within your right to like it.

But I think I should also point out that you’re a dufus if you do. 🙂

Alien Spawn Fantasy Bowie – [True Swords]