I just ran across a good looking example of one of my favorite knife designs: the butterfly knife, aka the Balisong. I haven’t really done a real post on butterfly knives, unless you want to include my post on Battle Angel Alitas behemoth Damascus Blade, but butterfly knives like that are an exception rather than the rule. This black beauty is the real deal (kinda):

Black Dragon Butterfly Knife

A Butterfly kinife AKA Balisong

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Now the butterfly knife has a very colorful history, and is unfortunately (and irrationally, i might add) also illegal in many states, because of it’s supposed speed, portability and lethality. Laws like these are based on fears and lies, both of which I have a great disdain for.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think you can get much faster or more durable, than a fixed blade. And a butterfly knife is no more or less dangerous nor more portable than a pocket knife. The same is true of Switchblades, though they are a little faster, but they tend to be less durable.

But people can get stupid when they become afraid, and they have this odd tendency to try and ban whatever it is the scares them. Which is a real shame, because butterfly knives are probably one of the most fun folding bladed weapons to “play” with.

When I was younger I used to have a pair of these, and I spent countless hours flipping them open closed, up down, side to side, in aerial patterns, figure eights, whatever cool tricks I could come up with… Those were the days… *Sigh*…

But anyway, I will say that thought this particular specimen certainly looks the thug part, it also does not look particularly durable, and might be better for show than for any play time…

If you ever decide to get yourself a pair, make sure it’s a high quality, name brand blade, like Spyderco, or microtech, or benchmade, etc. You really don’t want one of these coming apart in mid flip and depriving you of a very beloved optical organ…