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OK… What is this?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

No, seriously, what is this?

Amazon Vulture

Amazon Vulture

This is supposedly the “Amazon Vulture”… *cough*…

Is it just me or does it look nothing like a vulture? Yes, it’s some kind of resin cast sheath and grip with a blade embedded in it, but i cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is supposed to be. It looks like some sort of old piece of moldy funky wood that someone stuck an unwilling blade into, and secured it in place with a tuft of hair from an old white witch…

I’m just saying… Am I missing something…?

Oh…   I see…. That’s the witches head, shrunken and attached to the blade…

Oops… You are obviously having a bad day there witch person… My bad… Just ignore me. Carry on about your business then…

Amazon Vulture – [eBladeStore]

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Friday, May 9th, 2008

In my last post I did a little gushing about how black blades are the greatest thing since sliced bread, all that and a bag of chips, etc. etc. etc. Well, I came across this interesting blade from the Anime series Bleach, and decided, to be fair, to blog about a sword from the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I give you:

Rukia Kukichi’s Zanpakuto “Sode no Shirayuki”

(Sleeved White Snow)

Rukia Sleeved White Snow Sword

[view full size]

Now this sword, is a Zanpakutō, or soul cutting sword, and each is imbued with a sentient spirit that helps it’s wielder to battle otherworldy foes. This particular Zanpakuto is wielded by the co-protagonist Rukia Kukichi, who is herself a soul reaper. When it’s sentient spirit is activated, the sword becomes completely snow white, with a characteristic long white ribbon, and gains awesome power.

As swords go, this is almost as far as you can get from the sinister black swords I usually blog about. The sword itself is not particularly remarkable, it is a fairly standard katana, save for the extended white grip, and corresponding snow white saya and ribbon, which also happens to sport a kawaii little silver smiley…

Not particularly menacing… However in the series, it is just as lethal as any other… So don’t hate it because it’s white… and it’s got a ribbon… and a smiley… and it’s all Kawaii… errm… *cough*

I can feel my testosterone ebbing away with every additional word. So I’ll be ending this post here… I’m thinking I’m gonna have to blog about something particularly wicked next time around…
Rukia Kukichi Zanpakuto “Sleeved White Snow” – [True Swords]

A Beautiful, Elegant Blade…

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Ok, today we travel back to the realm of wizards, sorcery and dragons. We visit another sword from the realm of Eragon. I was caught by surprise by this sword. I don’t know what it is about it that impressed me so much, but I knew I had to write about it. This is the sword wielded by the Elven Princess Arya, I’d like to introduce you all to:

Sword of Arya

Sword of Arya

Now this sword is beautiful in many ways. For one, it’s simplicity is very appealing. The blade is relatively simple, an basic single edged blade with a mild, graceful curve leading into a sharp point. The short handle is organic in appearance, also slightly curved, much like the blade, with a bone like look to it, but obviously designed to afford a positive grip to it’s wielder. The over all effect is one of elegance encapsulated in a very organic style.

At 34″ overall, it is not a long sword by any means, but it’s design is in keeping with the character that wields it in the movie. It is intended to be a light, fast sword, tailored to a very skilled user. The narrow point design might indicate a preference towards fast, thrusting attacks, much like a rapier, but the thickness towards the hilt would also provide a lot of blade flexibility, allowing for slashing and parrying larger blades where necessary.

I have to say I just love the overall design of the sword. The simplicity, the organic curves, even the design focus all work together to make this sword a beautiful and elegant work of art. It’s going on my list. Most def. No doubt.

The Sword of Arya – [True Swords]
The Sword of Arya – [SouthWest Blades]

An Evil White Sword…

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Today we step, once again, into the “way back” machine, and journey back in time to the 80s, when Saturday morning television wrought untold corny and cheesy carnage upon the youth of America. A surreal world in which brutal, unbridled war could be waged with weapons of mass destruction and gory dispatch, and yet, spill not a single red drop of blood. I speak of non-other but the scourge of 80’s Saturday morning cartoons, G.I. Joe!

OK, so I admit to waxing a *wee bit* dramatic with that intro, however it is not without reason. I have always found it amazing how Saturday morning cartoons seem to try to indoctrinate our kids of the nobility and honor of war, while obscuring it’s ugly truths. War is mindless, bloody and indiscriminate. Even when you win, you lose. And yet it is glorified in all manner of media, and in song, and deed. Absolutely mind boggling. But anyhoo, allow me to get of my soapbox and talk about weapons!! : P

I brought up G.I. Joe for a reason. While browsing one of my favorite sword sites I came upon a ninja sword belonging to one of the villains of the series, Storm Shadow. Much like the sword of his arch rival and all around good guy Snake Eyes, his sword possessed a sinister simplicity of design, which I found very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it had the unique quality of being an all white sword!

An interesting side note is the play on color based roles that Storm shadow and Snake eyes adopted. The good ninja (Snake Eyes) wore all black and carried a black sword, while the bad ninja (Storm Shadow) wore all white and carried a white sword. This was a very interesting play on color role reversal. But I’m not going to go there. Instead I’m going to talk about Storm Shadows cool Ninjaken.

Storm Shadows Sword

Storm Shadows Sword

Storm Shadows sword is of a simple but effective design. It is almost entirely straight, but incorporates the mildest of curves, combining the compact form of the straight traditional Ninjato with the added cutting power of a slightly curved blade. The handle is equally simple. A white round guard, a snake skin styled check pattern handle, and an equally subdued rearing cobra pommel finish off the look. Simple, elegant and sinister all at the same time.

Storm Shadows Sword

Storm Shadows Sword

My only question is: Why white? For the kind of work you can imagine this guy does with it, the sword would never stay clean. And don’t even get me started on his clothes!! A White Shinobi Shozoku? You have got to be kidding me. That’s gotta be breaking some evil ninja law or something…

Storm Shadows Ninjato – [True Swords]

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