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The All Natural Trench Knife! Don’t mess with Mother Nature…

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

So let me pose a hypothetical question. IF you were given a choice of a weapon made of wood, and one made of steel, which one would you pick? I’m sure most of you would, without hesitation, pick the one made of steel. I, on the other hand, would be on the fence. Especially given that I tend to like things that are just… Cool. That’s not to say that wooden blades are entirely worthless, after all, you can do a lot of damage with a piece of wood, and even more if it has been sharpened and the edge hardened.

But what if it had teeth as well? Yeah… You heard me… A wooden knife. With a wicked set of teeth for a blade. Uh huh. Yeah… Now things get interesting… Imagine, if you will, an all natural fighting implement… Made entirely of natural materials, and edged with rows of razor-sharp shark teeth. Oh, but I’m not done yet. How about we throw in a spike. From a swordfish no less. Awwww Yeah… Now we’re talking…

Think about it. We are talking about the hand weapon equivalent of  a shark with a rapier attached to its snout. Certainly a laser attached to its head might be far more impressive, but with a spike, you’ll never have to replace the batteries. I’m just saying.  A spike is nothing to sneeze at. Take that and make a weapon out of it, and voilà! you have a personal, wooden hand shark. With a spike attached to its freakin’ head!

A fearsome weapon capable of horrific damage, but so stealthy that would not even set off metal detectors in an airport. Unless, of course you happened to use teeth from a shark that had somehow had the benefit of a modern dental plan, and had braces and amalgam fillings to boot. No, don’t laugh. It could happen. No, seriously. Go watch “Finding Nemo” and tell me that can’t happen. But I digress.

Today, I fawn over a very old but very cool all natural weapon of war called the Pahoa A’u Ku, also known as the Swordfish Bill Dagger. A combination of this:

A`u ku - Marlinspike Dagger

A`u ku - Marlinspike Dagger

And this:

Leiomano pahoa a`u

Leiomano pahoa a`u


To create this:

Pahoa A'u Ku - Marlinspike Leiomano Dagger

Pahoa A'u Ku - Marlinspike Leiomano Dagger


In case you didn’t quite catch just how much awesome I just laid on you up there, let me recap. The A`u ku is a dagger made from the spike of the broad bill Marlin a large fish with a very distinctive spike, much like a swordfish. Sometimes swordfish swords were used. The Leiomano pahoa a`u is a mêlée weapon, usually made of Koa wood, with a row of fairly wicked looking shark teeth affixed to the front edge of it.

Both weapons are relatively cool and awesome in their own right, but combine to produce the Pahoa A’u Ku, a weapon more awesome than the Decepticon Devastator! And all with materials straight from nature, in an almost unmodified form… WIN!

Proof, once again, that in spite of all the cool things we can do with steel nowadays, Mother nature was a total BAMF long before Chuck Norris and Samuel L. Jackson came along…

Yeah, I said it. Don’t hate. You know it’s true…

A`u ku -[Kumulau]
Pahoa A’u Ku – [Kumulau]
Leiomano pahoa a`u – [My Armory]

Bladed Dogfaced Knuckle Dusters…

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

A while back I happened to run into a rather cool little weapon on our forum, Exotic Automatic ( Thought today would be a good day to share…

Rob Dalton's Dogface

Rob Dalton's Dogface

I present to you the Dogface, by Rob Dalton. And an amazing piece of work, I might add. An OTF blade, attached to a unique grip, with integrated finger holes, and some rather evil looking spikes on the top to as well. Just wicked all around.

But the really cool thing I like about this blade is that, depending on how you look at it, it could be a combination of several different weapon designs all mashed into one. Can you guess what they are? Let’s play a little “Where’s Weapon Waldo…” 🙂

Dalton's Dogface OTF

Dalton's Dogface OTF

The first one should be obvious. It’s an OTF, or “out-the-front” automatic switchblade. It’s a fairly simple blade design, nothing too fancy, but certainly a nice design. OTFs are always cool. What you see next really depends on what kinds of weapons you prefer.

If you are the brawler type, you might see a knuckle duster and a pocket knife. If, on the other hand, you are the knife fighter, you might see a WWII trench styled knife, which combined the knuckle duster design with a fixed blade. Yet another knife design I’ve always liked. It’s all about the options…

Dalton's Dogface - Stainless Steel Finish

Dalton's Dogface - Stainless Steel Finish

Either way, this blade is just way freakin’ cool…

Rob Dalton’s Dogface OTF – [The Knife Auction]


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