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A Cool Predator Claw.

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I thought I’d end the Fourth of July weekend with something a little more… Predatorial. And what is more predatorial than a set of claws. No, not another Wolverine claw, I’m sure you’ve all seen enough Wolverine claws to keep you for a while. No, this is something different. Something Alien. Something Evil. Something New. Something… Blue…?

Ok, just ignore the last bit, what I’m about to show you is absolutely not blue. But it is evil. They are a set of claws made by Todd Begg, A really cool knife maker that Sinza, over at our forum (Exotic Automatic) turned me on to a while back. Allow me to introduce:

The Predator Fighter

The Predator Fighter

Pretty sweet right? As you can see, unlike the various Wolverine claws we have been inundated with, this is a dual bladed, double edged, hand held claw design. In fact the name may have come from the dual, mechanically actuated, arm mounted claw that the Yautja, the race of alien hunter predators from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, were generally shown wearing.

But unlike those blades, which were rather jagged (excessively and unnecessarily so, in my opinion), this design is a whole lot smoother,  a whole lot cleaner, and a whole lot more evil. In fact the blade itself looks a lot like an alien space ship. The crescent shaped grip, accented on the curved outer edge with an evenly spaced set of perforations, is sandwiched on either side by a set of D2 tool steel scales, with beautiful ironwood inlays.

Predator Claw - Grip

Predator Fighter - Grip

Both ends of the grip end in a triangular section with a similarly shaped void in the middle, making it look all the more wicked. Each rather hefty looking blade seems to be bolted through, to both the top and bottom steel scales. And what evil blades they are! A set of double edged, mildly curved blades with a slight dip in the spine before coming to a sharp, reverse Katana style point.

Predator Claw - Blades

Predator Fighter - Blades

The top edge does look like it is a false edge, but this is of little consequence, it still makes its point quite clear, before the short, upward curving flattened section, that clearly demonstrates just how thick the blade is, even at the edge, gives way to what is almost certainly a fully sharpened upper edge.

The blades themselves are treated to a cross drilled, fuller like groove. Normally, I find slotted and drilled out blades rather pointless, weakening and aesthetically off putting, but in this case, I think it has been tastefully done. Not to mention the size and thickness of the blade makes the strength issue a near moot point.

All around, a really, really nice claw. In fact, (no offense to Wolvie fans, I love his claws as much as any one else), but these have so much more character.

My only question now is whether they come in black…

Predator Fighter – [Todd Begg]

Of Straight Razors and Demon Barbers.

Monday, May 25th, 2009

You know I have never really been a fan of straight razors. Don’t really know why. Apart from those rare occasions when they are ground into claws, brazed to copper pipes and attached to the fingers of leather work gloves, they just never really appeal to me. Normally, I find such evil and dangerous implements fascinating.

And straight razors are indeed evil. Unintentionally evil, grant you, but evil nonetheless. They are one of the few, relatively large, non surgical blades whose edge geometry is specifically designed to allow them to hold one of the keenest edges known to man. Even at the cost of strength. But in spite of my being intellectually aware of this, they just don’t *look* the part. Yes, they usually do have a little flair, but for the most part I find them waaaay to functional looking.

They are almost like box cutters to me. Equally dangerous, but they just don’t carry an aesthetic that evokes that primal awe that so many other blade designs do. Now I bring this up not for idle chitchat, but rather because I had occasion to analyze my thoughts about such a razor. Specifically a replica of the razor used by Johnny Depps character Sweeny Todd  in the movie “Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.”:

Straight razor of Demon Barber Sweeney Todd

Straight razor of Demon Barber Sweeney Todd

Now this is a nice looking razor. I’m not saying it isn’t. The thing is, it just doesn’t speak to me. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know if there is any real significance to it, but on the surface, it looks to me like the miniature equivalent of a machete. Just like any other razor. All go, no show. Well maybe a little show. But not quite enough show.

The funny thing is that, shortly after Sweeney Todd came out, having been glamorized by the movie, there was a sudden surge of custom straight razors on the market. Here’s another example I found somewhat more attractive:

Tom Anderson Raze Tac Custom Straight Razor

Tom Anderson Raze Tac Custom Straight Razor

Arguably a much more modern design approach to the straight razor, and it certainly looks the part..  Black micarta scales with beautiful shiny accents, all rising up into what looks like it’s gonna be a sweet looking blade, and then… disappointment. It still looks like a folder horribly abused. So horribly mutilated that the doctor recommended that the tip be amputated. Sigh.

Here’s an arguably more cutting edge design:

Custom Straight Razor - Blue Widow Web

Custom Straight Razor - Blue Widow Web

So now maybe we’re getting somewhere. This design eschews the classic straight razor grip for a contemporary designer folder grip. Not a bad look. Personally I thought it could have done without the spider web  motif, but hey. But yet again… as my eyes travel up from the hilt, that sinking feeling returns. Dagnabbit!

OK, so I admit I am biased towards points. And curves. And organic shapes. Perhaps with a few more curves or something, I might find straight razors more appealing. But that would defeat the point of a “straight” razor. And in any case, I think it’d be like lipstick on a pig. I dunno if it’s possible to gussy up a straight razor enough to make it look good,  without changing the very things that make it a straight razor.

But who knows. Maybe my expectations are a little high…

Tom Andersons Raze Tac – [True Swords]
Sweeny Todds Straight Razor – [True Swords]
Custom Straight Razor – Blue Widow Web – [True Swords]

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