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Another Wonderfully Impractical Anime Humongoblade!

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I was just looking through my archive wondering what to post about next, when I ran into a prop/replica of another great anime sword I’ve always found rather cool looking, if not really, really, over the top, like Clouds massive cleaver from Final Fantasy (aka Buster), or Ichigos over sized kitchen knife from Bleach (his zanpakutō Tensa Zangetsu) , or Inuyashas rather impressive doggie tooth (Tetsusaiga), or…

Well you get my point. The list of over sized anime swords is endless. You almost get the impression they are overcompensating for… Err… something. Or not. OK never mind.

Anyway, today I found another interesting example of over-the-top black smithing. This time from the anime Beserk:

Gattsus (aka Guts) Dragon Slayer

Gattsus (aka Guts) Dragon Slayer

Ain’t it a beaut? Now I do not remember where this pic came from, it’s been in my gallery for a while, and I thought I had even blogged about it before, but apparently not.

Basically, this thing, in the anime Beserk, is a good 6 foot or so slab of wide, massive steel with really, really sharp edges, wielded by this crazy black knight called Guts. Or Gattsu, if you want to use the Japanese pronunciation. Bad ass guy, big ass sword. And, of course,  completely and totally unusable by anyone but a fictional hero, a genetically enhanced human, or a cyborg. Or something along those lines.

And before you say “Pfft… I can wield that mate!” Let me remind you that the ability to swing a sword around is not the same as wielding a sword. This sword, like so many other anime weapons, would, in real life, wield you, not the other way around. I kid you not. Probably pop your arms out of their sockets too.

But It is still a very mean, and no nonsense looking sword. Just love it and had to share. What can I say. I have this thing for large pieces of dark, sharpened, pointy steel. Especially those with this kind of presence… 🙂

Gattsus Dragon Slayer – [Unknown]

Demon Slaying… Demons.

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Today we get to visit the realm of a sword intended to battle a rather unconventional foe. A sword that I initially believed was so named because it could be used to battle… Demons!

Demons, you say! “Uh huh.” All righty then! What kind of demons? “I dunno.” Probably your garden variety human hating kind, but who cares? Doesn’t make much difference to me, I just like it because it looks cool. From the mystical halls of Q-Branch, Demon Weapons division, I bring you:

Dark Demon Slayer

Dark Demon Slayer

Now this is a fairly interesting design, consisting of a very broad sword that comes to a fairly convincing point, especially if you happened to be on it’s receiving end. The design features of note on this sword are the two smaller sub blades, that seem to have no purpose but to add to the menacing appearance of the sword. Perhaps they serve as a guard of some sort, though they seem a little small to do that job very well. Either way, they do add to the over aggression of the blade.

Now this sword design has actually been floating around for a long time. I’ve always thought it was a cool sword, and having run into it again since starting this blog, I thought I’d share it with you. But there is another reason why I bring up this sword.

Regarding the idea about this being a demon killing weapon, after following up on a hunch, I decided later on that my interpretation might be mistaken. As an interesting side note, I found that it has an uncanny resemblance to another fictional dark blade, one that I mentioned on one of my very first posts, the Stormbringer:



Can you see the resemblance? Remove the sub blades, add a traditional cross-guard and Voila! It’s the Stormbringer! Now the fact that the Stormbringer in the Michael Moorcock series of fantasy books was in fact a demonic weapon kinda makes me wonder wonder if there is more than coincidence to this all so subtle resemblance.

The truth of the matter, (as far as fictional novels can be truth) was that Stormbringer was sentient, a transformed Demon with an innate evil intelligence and will, that could cut everything and anything not protected by the most powerful of spells, which also just so happened to “feed” on the souls of those it killed. I found out however that Stormbringer did indeed slay other demons without remorse, making it a demonic demon slaying demon.

Methinks perhaps that maybe, this sword was not a “demon slayer” at all, but rather a sword demon that just enjoyed slaying. Period. Rather indiscriminately, I might add. Things that to make you go “Hmmmmmm”…

Perplexing? Indeed. Scary? Most certainly. Do I want one? You betcha!

The Dark Demon Slayer – [True Swords]

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