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Friday, January 1st, 2010

Wow… It’s 2010 folks… 2010!

2009  just flew away… And didn’t even look back.I, for one, would like to thank the thousands of you that read this blog on a daily basis, believe me, I never thought I was writing anything that interesting. Well at least not to anyone but me… 😀 But I can’t say it hasn’t been rewarding. And to my regulars, I say Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu. Thank you very much! I will do my level best to continue to keep you all entertained in 2010!

And 2010 looks like it will be an auspicious year. It’s a nice round number, for one thing. And It has a movie named after it… though somehow I doubt the events in the movie will actually occur in real life… 😀 But either way, I think this is going to be an amazing year… I can just feel it in my smoldering bones. I’ve got some interesting projects planned, and I think you will all like them.

This will be the year of really, really, cool stuff. And I leave you with one such piece of cool to contemplate:

The Sword Gun

The Sword Gun

Awesome to 2010 and BEYOND!!!

Best wishes for the new year, from me, your perpetually fiery host, from the Realm of the Dark Blade! 😀


A Really Sweet Japanese Rifle Blade…

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

I have yet another rifle blade for you today, and it is just a beauty:

Tanegashima Sword

Tanegashima Sword

I’d like you to meet the tanegashima rifle blade! Much like the other rifle blades I’ve posted in the past, this one is essentially a non firing replica of an classic, beautiful rifle design, modified to house a sword.

In this case the rifle is based on an old Japanese design, the Tanegashima, a smoothbore muzzle loading matchlock rifle used in Japan in the early 1500s. But even the rifle on it’s own, while quite simple,  I still find to be quite elegant. A study in  simplicity  and practicality of design.



The smooth, beautifully curving stock, a deceptively simple combination of flat surfaces and mild curves runs gracefully from the butt stock up the almost the tip of the barrel, and just looks beautiful.

But where, back in the old days, lead ball used to travel at high speeds towards unfortunate targets, we now have a shiny blade. A straight blade. A Japanese Ninjato. A rather fitting combination if you ask me.

Tanegashima Ninjato

Tanegashima Ninjato

In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you were to give this to a ninja, they’s figure out  a way to make it shoot stuff. Perhaps bo shuriken. Possibly highly trained ninja rats. Maybe better yet, they could fire small ninjas. Genetically engineered mini-shinobi specially bred for the purpose.

Yeah… That’s it… A mini-ninja firing sword Tanegashima. Awesome!

I think I’m going to have to patent that idea before someone steals it.

Tanegashima Ninjato Sword – [Knives Deal]

A Long Arm Blade…

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Ok… so up until this point I’ve posted a lot of gun blades, blade guns, gun like blades, etc… Today I ran across something a little new. A rifle blade.

CSA Rifle Sword

CSA Rifle Sword

Now before you ask, no, it is not actually a working firearm. though it does look a whole lot like one. So this cannot technically be called a gunblade. Or a rifleblade, as it were. This is more like… a rifle-like sword. Or a sword cane. Or actually a sword rifle. Or whatever. Take your pick.

The important thing is that there’s a cool, almost 28″ blade, in what looks like an equally cool civil war rifle, when sheathed. Coolness all around. The grip of the sword is made to look like a working trigger group, firing mechanism and butt stock of a civil war rifle, while the sheath replicates the barrel of the rifle, complete with plunger.

A cool idea. Except for one thing. From a tactical standpoint, it kinda seems self defeating to disguise a sword as a rifle. Think about it. Disguising a sword as a cane gives you an advantage because you can hide the true power of your weapon. But this… Well, it’s like bringing a sword to a rifle fight. It may look cool, but you probably wouldn’t fare very well if push came to shove.

But I might just be over analyzing it a bit.

Either way it’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. So just ignore me. 🙂

CSA Rifle Sword – [True Swords]

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