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An Evil Reptilian Bow…

Monday, September 28th, 2009

It’s been a while since I posted about any projectile weapons, so when I saw this, I thought: “Well it’s was about time!”. Allow me to present… The Deathstrike bow!

Deathstrike Medieval Bow

Deathstrike Medieval Bow

A rather ornate, interesting design, no? Now this is a bow that likes attention! This design appears to be a variation of the traditional asiatic composite bow, a form of recurve bow. When strung, the limbs curve away from the shooter towards the ends, and then back towards the shooter closer to the grip, often called the reflex-deflex design.

When traditionally made, this design is very powerful, as the more reflex (or is it deflex?) you can build into the limbs, the more energy they can store, compared to a straight bow, for a given length of limb. Most folks may be familiar with the design from Mongolian lore, as they feature prominently in movies and history books, but the design was used by many other well known cultures, such as the Chinese, the Huns, Greeks, and the Turks.

Of the lot, my personal favorite composite bow design, at least where aesthetics are concerned, comes from one of the not so well known cultures; the Scythians. But this is a topic I will have to treat in another post.

Today, however we have a replica of the venerable recurve composite bow, with a unique twist. This bow is made of a single piece of wood, as opposed to the multiple layers of wood, horn and sinew that a traditional composite bow, so it will be no where near as powerful, and probably not last very long if you tried to use it. But it certainly looks… homicidal. Methinks, especially if you break it while it’s strung 🙂 Yeah. My advice? Don’t do that. With ANY bow.  But I digress.

This bow, unlike most others, has talons… yes, talons protruding from the back of the bow, which has then been covered in skin from some poor exotic reptile who was just minding it’s own  business when some heartless loon decided it’s back would look better on a poor replica of a compound bow. Such is life. Oh, and did I mention that it comes with 3 similarly finished arrows?

GASP Wow! a whole THREE ARROWS!!. I could kill an ARMY of trolls with those three arrows…! What do they expect me to do with three arrows eh? Shoot them, then run into the battlefield and retrieve them from the bodies of my victims, then run back out and shoot them again? lol… I might as well run into battle with a hearty battle cry, an arrow in each hand, and one between my teeth, and just stab peeps with the arrows as I run by… ROFLMAO…

OK, ok, I kid, I kid… 😛 the arrows are obviously just accessories. I still just found it a little humorous. I mean look at the name. The DeathStrike bow! Just a wee bit over the top, no? Like you could annihilate an army of Orcs with it. But then they give you only 3 arrows…OK… I admit I am waay too easily amused… Just ignore me. 🙂

Anyway, not to disparage this fine weapon, but to me, besides the fact that I cannot think of any practical advantage those talons might impart to the smooth operation of the bow itself, (besides making it look mean), I think this is a bow might just want to be something else. A lizard maybe? Perhaps a gecko? Not that it matters, it wasn’t really designed for daily use anyway.

Either way, reptilian bows are a cool idea. I’d like to see one made that would actually be fully functional. With perhaps with just a single talon at each end for stringing. In black of course. Yeah.

Deathstrike Medieval Bow – [NorthStar Collectibles]

Another Cool Covenant Energy Sword…

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

If any of you are fans of the game HALO, I’m sure you will know what this cool little weapon is all about:

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword

This, for those of you who are not the gamer types, this is a replica of the energy sword used by the Elite Covenant forces from the game HALO. I posted about a similar, custom made covenant blade in another post, but that one was a one-off. This one is a mass produced version. You know, i’ve always liked the idea of energy blades. Much like light sabers, the Covenant energy sword is a light weight, no wear/tear, weapon that will cut through pretty much anything. However this power comes at a steep cost.

First, in reality, unlike how it is portrayed in the game, energy swords are not entirely indestructible. Your energy flow could be interrupted somehouw. Maybe the power supply or control circuit gets damaged. Then all you have is a short shiny little Yeah. And lets not forget the serious energy requirements of an energy blade. Massive power is needed to make an energy arc that can cut through steel like butter. Something along the lines of a nuclear power plant. Yessirree. Not exactly the kind of thing you could pick up at your local hardware store.

I can just imagine that conversation: “Hey, you got any enriched uranium back there? No? Well can you order some?…” Uh huh. I’m betting you find Homeland security at your front door when you get home. And as if that weren’t bad enough, unlike a regular knife, you could actually run out of juice for your energy sword. That would be a bummer in the middle of a pitched battle, now wouldn’t it? This is why I rely on steel. It never runs out of bullets, or juice, or whatever. Just keeps on going. Like the energizer bunny. Assuming, of course, that it is of any appreciable quality, and it is taken care of. But I digress.

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword - Hilt

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword - Hilt

This energy sword, unlike the last one I posted about, has a unique quality. Primarily that both of its 440 stainless steel blades have been specially treated to provide an almost titanium like color shift effect. Very cool. In fact the colors are very close in hue to those of the game weapon, and shift colors slightly depending on what angle you are looking at it. Pretty nice.

Now it has an ABS grip, so I would go trying to duel the Master Chief with it, but it is certainly a beautiful replica. Even if it is for the elite of the losing side… 😀

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword – [True Swords]

Another Copycat Blade…

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I am a big fan of shirasaya patterned swords, even though the design was originally developed for storage, rather than actual use. I find them such simple, clean designs. No muss, no fuss, no ornate furniture, no complex tsuka-maki, etc. I just really like the clean lines of the design.

However there are tactical disadvantages to using shirasaya styled sword furniture when compared to traditional sword designs. Obviously, without tsukamaki, your grip on the tsuka will not be as good. And without a guard, you are limited in the number of ways you can parry a strike. However these issues can be mitigated via training, and in the end, they become no more or less difficult to use than the purpose built shikomizue.

But I’m rambling. The real reason why I brought up the subject is because I ran into another shikomizue styled blade:

Custom Ninja Sword aka Sasukes Kusanagi Grass cutter

Custom Ninja Sword aka Sasukes Kusanagi Grass cutter

This interesting little blade, modestly called a Custom Anime Ninja Sword, bears a striking resemblance to a sword from a previous post. None other than Sasuke Uchihas’ Kusanagi Grass Cutter (aka Kusanagi no Tsurugi) from the anime Naruto! Obviously this is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that a sword company decided to make a copy of a cool anime sword. But as cheap rip offs go, this one is a pretty good likeness.

About the only differences between this and the original is that this one lacks the signature Uchiha clan fan symbol on the Tsuka, it has a cheap cast habaki, and the point is a sharply angled tanto point, as opposed to a traditional katana point. But it has a straight black blade, just like the orignial, a feature that I absolutely love, and the long, straight white saya with the rectangular cross section with the black racing stripe down the middle.

I think that black stripe adds like 9000 points to the hit strength of the sword, but I could be wrong. 🙂

Sasuke’s Kusanagi Grass Cutter (aka Kusanagi no Tsurugi) rip off – [True Swords]

Of Straight Razors and Demon Barbers.

Monday, May 25th, 2009

You know I have never really been a fan of straight razors. Don’t really know why. Apart from those rare occasions when they are ground into claws, brazed to copper pipes and attached to the fingers of leather work gloves, they just never really appeal to me. Normally, I find such evil and dangerous implements fascinating.

And straight razors are indeed evil. Unintentionally evil, grant you, but evil nonetheless. They are one of the few, relatively large, non surgical blades whose edge geometry is specifically designed to allow them to hold one of the keenest edges known to man. Even at the cost of strength. But in spite of my being intellectually aware of this, they just don’t *look* the part. Yes, they usually do have a little flair, but for the most part I find them waaaay to functional looking.

They are almost like box cutters to me. Equally dangerous, but they just don’t carry an aesthetic that evokes that primal awe that so many other blade designs do. Now I bring this up not for idle chitchat, but rather because I had occasion to analyze my thoughts about such a razor. Specifically a replica of the razor used by Johnny Depps character Sweeny Todd  in the movie “Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.”:

Straight razor of Demon Barber Sweeney Todd

Straight razor of Demon Barber Sweeney Todd

Now this is a nice looking razor. I’m not saying it isn’t. The thing is, it just doesn’t speak to me. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know if there is any real significance to it, but on the surface, it looks to me like the miniature equivalent of a machete. Just like any other razor. All go, no show. Well maybe a little show. But not quite enough show.

The funny thing is that, shortly after Sweeney Todd came out, having been glamorized by the movie, there was a sudden surge of custom straight razors on the market. Here’s another example I found somewhat more attractive:

Tom Anderson Raze Tac Custom Straight Razor

Tom Anderson Raze Tac Custom Straight Razor

Arguably a much more modern design approach to the straight razor, and it certainly looks the part..  Black micarta scales with beautiful shiny accents, all rising up into what looks like it’s gonna be a sweet looking blade, and then… disappointment. It still looks like a folder horribly abused. So horribly mutilated that the doctor recommended that the tip be amputated. Sigh.

Here’s an arguably more cutting edge design:

Custom Straight Razor - Blue Widow Web

Custom Straight Razor - Blue Widow Web

So now maybe we’re getting somewhere. This design eschews the classic straight razor grip for a contemporary designer folder grip. Not a bad look. Personally I thought it could have done without the spider web  motif, but hey. But yet again… as my eyes travel up from the hilt, that sinking feeling returns. Dagnabbit!

OK, so I admit I am biased towards points. And curves. And organic shapes. Perhaps with a few more curves or something, I might find straight razors more appealing. But that would defeat the point of a “straight” razor. And in any case, I think it’d be like lipstick on a pig. I dunno if it’s possible to gussy up a straight razor enough to make it look good,  without changing the very things that make it a straight razor.

But who knows. Maybe my expectations are a little high…

Tom Andersons Raze Tac – [True Swords]
Sweeny Todds Straight Razor – [True Swords]
Custom Straight Razor – Blue Widow Web – [True Swords]

And three is a charm…

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

If you read my last post, you’ll remember my pointing out how there seems to be one specific sword designer who has focused on making movie themed swords for movies that had nothing to do with swords. In fact they seem to be focused on movies whose lead characters are distinctly not into swords. My previous post compared both the Punisher and the Batman sword.

But you’ll never guess who the latest comic book hero/victim is. Take a wild guess. Give up? Wuss. It’s your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, that’s who! And for good ole’ Spidey, we actually have TWO (count ’em, 2) weapons to add to this impromptu collection of movie swords that never were. Allow me to present:

Spidermans War Sword and the Spiders Fury Dagger:

Spiderman Sword Spiders Fury Dagger
[click images to view full size]

Interestingly, Spidey gets a dagger too. Though I doubt that this was made by the same people who made the swords. But to refresh your memory, below are all three movie swords, side by side:

Fantasy Bat SwordPunisher SwordSpiderman Sword
[click images to view full size]

First, (As the Joker liked to call him) the “Bats” Sword, followed by the Punishers Sword. And last, but certainly not least, we have Spidermans War Sword. And now you can see exactly how similar they are. In fact they might as well be brothers. At least these folks are efficient. Take the same blade, slap on a new hilt, and Voila, a new movie sword. In the case of the Punisher/Batman swords, they didn’t even bother to change the grip.

And the most amazing about all of this is that none of these characters actually use swords. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Not a one. The Punisher is a bona fide gun nut. Batman is all about the technology. And Spidey, well he relies on his trusty web slinging ability above all else. What tickles me the most is the fact that the one character who is least likely to ever pick up a weapon in his life, namely Spidey, actually gets both a sword AND a dagger. What a wonderful, amazing world we live in.

Guard and RicassoPommelHilt
[click images to view full size]

But all that being said, they did some nice things to the Spiderman sword. I like how they incorporated the Green goblin motif in the design. I always did like the aesthetics of the Green Goblins toys. And it works great for the guard design. In fact, if these guys ever made a Green Goblin sword I’d totally buy that. Interesting how the crazy ones always have the coolest ideas…

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