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The Black Widow Strikes Again…

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Now I could have sworn I had already put together a post for this blade, however my (admittedly hasty) searches seems to turn up nothing. So I thought I’d go ahead and post about this interesting little knife, duplicate post or not!!! Allow me to introduce the Widow Queen.

Widow Queen

Widow Queen

It should be fairly obvious where the name of this blade came from, but for the entomological neophytes among you, the spider whose front legs are oh, so possessively surrounding the hilt of this dagger is, in fact, meant to be a female Black Widow Spider, most easily identified by the red hourglass shape on it’s abdomen.

The Black Widows is a highly venomous spider, and envenomation by female black widows has been known to kill humans. I’d be willing to bet that whoever designed this knife probably had a rather personal experience with one… 🙂 Now in in real life, of course, black widows tend to be black in color, however in this case, I think we can afford to make an exception. Especially since this particular variety of black widow would probably be a heckuvalot lot more deadly in the right hands.

Either way, I certainly like the black widow motif of this blade, even though I think it goes too far in several ways. For instance, do we really need to have a full double sided hand guard (the widows front legs) and a cross guard on the same blade? I would rather have just had the cross guard, and even that is a little overly ornate for my taste.

The same goes for the pommel. You have the little spider limb thing going on, *and* a spike. What’s up with that? In fact, now that i look at it, this dagger would have been just fine entirely without the spider. A simple spiked pommel, the cool black ridged grip, a simpler, not so spikey cross guard, and that absolutly beautiful blade…

Yes… The blade on this thing is the main reason why I really like it. Now don’t get me wrong, the Black Widow was excellently done, and i could see them making replicas of that all by itself, sans the dagger. But for me, the blade is where it’s at on this knife. The swell of the ricasso, the smooth sweep into that almost straight blade, narrowing smoothly down into an absolutely evil point… I just love that profile.

Sometimes I wonder whether the people who design things like this actually realize how beautiful the blades are, all by themselves. No need for themes, motifs, spiders scorpions and whatnot, even though they can sometimes be cool. Because even if this had been a simple dagger, just this blade, a simple cross guard, black smooth grip, maybe with a simpler point on the pommel, it would still have ended up on this page.

Or maybe marketing has no clue… Who knows.

Either way, it’s a real pity…

Widow Queen – [The Collectors Edge]

Of Queens Swords and Demonic Warriors..

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

As you’ve probably picked up, I am a big gamer. Not so much console games as much PC games, but a gamer nonetheless, and every now and then I run into a game on the console that I find quite interesting. Devil May Cry was one such game. Partially because I’ve never met a hero who was equally well versed in the use of both both swords and firearms that I didn’t like.

Dante is one such hero. As is Morpheus. And many others. But I digress.

This post is about a weapon that is supposedly from one of the Devil May Cry games. I haven’t played them all, but apparently the interesting little piece of artsy steel below is from the game:

Nero's Red Queen Sword from Devil May Cry

Nero's Red Queen Sword from Devil May Cry

Quite an interesting design. A queens sword. A *red* queens sword. Ok…

So I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what these names are supposed to mean. Especially for RPG weapons. For instance, does this mean that this sword belonged to a Red Queen? Or that the sword is red, and it belonged to a Queen. Or is the Queen just another name for the class of sword, Kind of like the Masamune? Or is the class actually the “Red Queen” class, and this sword belongs to it, and the fact that it just happens to have a red grip is purely coincidental…?

Ok… I can see I will get nowhere this way. Lets get back on track shall we?

So this is supposed to be Nero’s sword from the game Devil May Cry 4. Dunno, haven’t played it, so I cannot verify. But I can verify that it is a rather funky design. Not that pretty much almost every sword in the Devil May Cry franchise was a funky design, but I guess… Oh never mind.

Nero's Red Queen Sword - Hilt

Nero's Red Queen Sword - Hilt

This particular example of the steel funk has a dark red, almost Scarlet grip, with a silver pommel and guard. Quite an interesting little bent wire looking thing. The ricasso is equally weird, with a large splotchy red and black inserts with a simple vine pattern on it. The blade is equally funky, starting from a mutant clip point with a shelf.

The spine is fairly normal up to the ricasso piece, but the edge runs all the way down to the guard, where the blade seems to suddenly make an abrupt turn to go grab some french fries…

Wait… what?

Ok, that’s it… you can look at the pics. I’m leaving before my RPG weapon befuddlement reaches epic levels…

Nero’s Red Queen Sword from Devil May Cry 4 – [True Swords]

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