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Punisher Movie Sword?

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

In keeping with the action movie themed swords I have talked about recently, I thought I’d post about an interesting sword, namely “The Punisher” movie sword:

The Punisher Sword

The Punisher Sword

This sword is all the more interesting because, well, frankly I don’t remember the Punisher using any kind of sword in the movie at all, let alone a “Punisher” branded weapon. Now it could be my memory is faulty, but a more likely explanation is that the manufacturer is simply trying to make some moolah off the Punisher movie… Gotta love marketing…

But besides the fact that this sword may have nothing whatsoever to do with the movie, (beyond the skull motif), it really is a nice sword. I like the direction the designer went with it. The way the punisher skull emblem has been incorporated into the aesthetics of the sword is very pleasing. The blade itself appears quite menacing. Though I have a preference for curved weapons, I also love well designed straight, simple and narrow swords. I love the symmetry of them.

The Punisher Sword - Hilt Detail

The Punisher Sword - Hilt Detail

I think the greatest thing about this sword is how the skull motif has been fluidly incorporated into it’s design, being prominent but not overpowering. The skull on the pommel is a nice touch. The cross guard is perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this sword, incorporating a really sweet skull just below the ricasso, set amid what I can only describe as a kind if hybrid wing/claw cross guard design, also sprinkled with skulls, with a large bone-like separator mid-wing.

The Punisher Sword - Hilt Close up

The Punisher Sword - Hilt Close up

The numerous skulls on the wings of the cross guard are probably the only area where I think they went a little overboard. I would have preferred to see it empty, or with some form of organic emphasis on the curve of the guard. But beyond that everything else is well done, down to the smooth, almost concave taper of the ridged black grip.

Overall, a superb design. Even if no such weapon is canon in the “Punisher” universe…

Punisher Sword – [SouthWest Blades]

An Ultraviolent Blade!

Monday, July 9th, 2007

This time around, we get a look at a very unique, and interesting sword. The sword used by Milla Jovovich‘s character Violet in the movie Ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet - Violets Sword

Ultraviolet - Violets Sword

This sword is unique on many levels. Where to begin. Well first off, unlike the ostensible simplicity of the Uruk-Hai Scimitar I blogged about many moons ago, this sword is truly very simple in design. Possibly one of the simplest blades I have blogged about so far. No complex curves, apart perhaps, for the pommel, which is itself simplicity manifest. No guards or other major structural adornments. Nada. Apart from the pommel and the engravings on the blade, this is, more or less, a simple steel bar with sharpened edges.

This basic simplicity incorporates two very unique design features rarely found in swords. First, and most notably, there is not point, unless you want to call the corners at the edge of the tip points. There are truly actually 3 edges on this sword. Two on each side, and one on the tip. Very unusual. This does have some ramifications from a combat prespective. This would not be a particularly good thrusting weapon. Though the wide flat tip has an edge, it appears too broad to penetrate anything but soft targets, and would be easily repelled even by bones and such, unless it was used like a chisel, which, needless to say, is not an effective sword fighting strategy.

The second unusual design feature is the wide, semi-elliptical pommel, with an identically shaped lanyard hole, which is where the butt end of the simple, black, leather wrapped handle terminates. It is perhaps intended to be used as a striking surface as well as a tactile indicator of the location of the end of the otherwise simple handle. Were it not for this design feature, I think this would have qualified as the simplest combat sword I have ever seen, although from a practical perspective, a Tantō point would have been both an equally simple and infinitely better solution than the straight 90° flat tip it ended up with.

Though the opportunity to showcase a very good point was wasted in this design, (you should all know by now how much I like points) It is still quite an attractive weapon. Much like it’s wielder. Though, as a side note, from both a practical and aesthetic perspective, (meaning no offense to either blade, actress or her fans), I personally feel they might both have been even more lethally attractive with a few more curves… But that could just be my inner troglodyte talking… (And no flaming please, my skin is already alight with them, so it won’t do you any good…)

Ultraviolet Sword – [True Swords]

My Favorite Glaive.

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Welcome to yet another post about foldy, flying, bladed implements… Yes, it’s another glaive post. No, ya cheeky little ninny, I have not run out of material to blog (believe you me!). It’s just how my freaky, little, mildly OC mind works; it tends to follow any given track to exhaustion… Don’t worry, I think this will be the last glaive. At least for now… I think… MUA HA HA Ha ha ha ha ha haaa…! Pfft..! Y’all are no fun.

But anyway back to the topic at hand. This glaive is special. Special primarily because I think I could actually convert this design for contemporary throwing weapon use without too much mechanical head banging. Not to mention that it is also the most powerful glaive (in all glaivedom… LOL… heh…) to ever grace the silver screen. I give you the glaive of Prince Colwyn of the movie Krull.

The Krull Glaive

The Krull Glaive

In the movie Krull, the protagonist (Prince Colwyn) wielded a mystical weapon called the Glaive (of course!). Now from a practical and mechanical stand point, I think this glaive is perhaps the best designed weapon of the three distinct designs we have looked at so far, though a bit on the gaudy side for my tastes. It was a five legged design, each blade being deployed in a “out-the-front” switchblade style from each leg when in action, and retracting into the leg when stowed.

This design allowed for it to be thrown by holding any one of the legs, which, being offset from the center of the weapon, allowed greater control than any of the other glaive designs we have seen so far. One big advantage with this design is that I think one could incorporate a centrifugally actuated mechanism to make the blades deploy while in flight, making it easier (and safer for the little piggly wigglies) to throw.

The design of each double edged pointed blade was also well thought out, down to the angle at which they exited the glaive, so that it could easily be thrown with the intention of cutting its target without sticking, or so that it would “dig in” and stick on contact.

Now in the movie, the protagonist could control this thing mentally so that it acted like a freakin’ remote controlled frisby of death, but, much to my chagrin, I’m quite sure I would find myself unable to replicate this behavior in a replica weapon. However, assuming due attention was paid to maximizing the internal structural support the each blade, and also that the deployment and retention mechanisms were mechanically robust, this blade would fly circles around the other two designs.

Now I have already mentioned that I am not a big fan of the surface aesthetics of it’s design. The bright colors and flashy gems give it a much too gaudy air. However this glaive gets my vote, hands down, as the weapon I would be most likely to pick up, were I given a choice between this, the BeastMasters Caber or Blades Shredder. I’d have to pop out the shiny stuff, pointy the points a bit, sharpen the lines a tad and powder coat it black though…

The Krull Glaive – [Your]

Lancelots Dark Indiscretions…

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

OK, I haven’t watched the latest, greatest and highly modernized incarnation of the Arthurian Saga aptly named King Arthur, so I cannot comment on it one way or another, but I did find an interesting sword from the movie. A matched set of swords to be exact, wielded by King Arthurs brave, chivalrous but wife-stealing first knight Lancelot.

Sir Lancelots Swords

Sir Lancelots Swords

Now these swords have some very interesting characteristics that actually set them apart from your standard Arthurian sword fare. The most obvious of which they are black, in spite of the fact that, for reasons I have discussed before, a knight of that era would probably never have used a black sword. But even more interesting is the design. Lancelot’s swords have an uncanny resemblance to a Roman Gladius.

They are wider overall, and wider just before the point than after the hilt, which is a feature not normally seen on swords used by knights of that era at all. The handle is also distinctly Gladius-like in nature, and the guard reminiscent of that of a Roman Legionnaires sword. In fact this sword appears to be a close relative of a Roman Gladiators Sword.

Now as far as I know, the Lancelot of Arthurian legend was not Roman, let alone a roman gladiator. Sir Lancelot Du Lac was, in fact French; so there was no real reason for him to possess swords of this design at all, save for the purpose of satisfying the film makers artistic license.

Now I’m tempted to say that this disparity in his weapons design in the movie was intended to mark Lancelot as a betrayer, but that would be pure speculation.

But in spite of the historical peculiarities of the swords design, they are still very beautiful. The high gloss black finish complements the gold handle and guard perfectly. Definitely a beautiful example of… well… a Roman Gladiators Gladius…

In black…

Lancelots Blades – [True Swords]

Dungeons & Dragons & Swords, Oh My…

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

More movie sword mayhem, this time featuring a very interesting blade from the movie Eragon. Now in truth, this sword is of questionable darkness. However it is still interesting because it is of a rather rare color for swords. So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and present to you:

Zar'roc - The Eragon Sword

Zar'roc - The Eragon Sword

Now obviously this beautiful sword caught my eye because of the deep red/black hue of the blade. This is a rarity. However this complement comes with the negative comment that the handle and pommel look a little toy like.

Zar'roc - The Eragon Sword - Hilt View

Zar'roc - The Eragon Sword - Hilt View

Not particularly sinister. Not even close. It only barely made it into this Blog because of that killer blade… The other dark swords may yet vote it out of the realm. I just thought I’d give it a fair shake…

The Jury’s still out…

Zar’roc – The Sword Of Eragon – [True Swords]

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