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A Sleek (Non)Arthurian Sword…

Monday, December 14th, 2009

So, once again, I find myself confronted by a sword which, while absolutely beautiful, also appears to have aesthetics that run counter to it’s supposed origins. I present to you, the magical sword of King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table, Excalibur:

King Arthur of the Round Table Excalibur Sword

King Arthur of the Round Table Excalibur Sword

Ooookaaayyy… So does anyone else notice something fishy here? And I’m not referring to the smell the sword must have picked up from being stored in a lake, by the Lady of the Lake, for so many centuries. No, I am referring to the fact that this sword does not appear to match the aesthetics we would expect to see from a sword made in the era of the Crusades.

The swords of the Crusaders were generally more… Cross shaped. They tended to have straight cross guards, which made their swords look like crosses, a physical symbol, a reminder, if you will, for the knightly Crusaders, that they were the Swords of God. Yeah. Uh huh.

Anyway, These swords also carried a round medallion pommel, and tended to sport much a more wedge shaped blade, with the blade narrowing significantly from hilt to tip. The grips were also much more likely to be mildly tapered, with  a leather wrap.

Now the sword above. This wretched pretender, does not match any of those traits.

This sword has, instead of a medallion, a stubby cross pommel. Yes, it does have a cross emblazoned on the center on said cross, but still. And then the grip… Wire wrapped. No leather. Which brings us to the guard. Which starts off straight, but then curves up towards the point with an almost dragon scale like motif. Definitely not the kind of thing a Knight of the Cross should carry!! And that blade… Long, straight and narrow… No wedge.

So. I can guess what your thinking at this juncture. And it probably sounds a little like “Pardon my French, but… YOU, GOOD STEEL MADAME, are an IMPOSTER!! You HEATHENOUS WRETCH!!! How DARE you claim to be EXCALIBUR!!!  >: (  ”

OK, ok, easy now. Let’s not be hasty. She’s a fine lass, and, truth be told, I like her. The slim lithe blade, the mild curve and pattern on the guard, it’s down to earth overall simplicity…  Let me play devils advocate for a bit.  >: }

First of all, Excalibur was not forged of man… but of ancient magic. So it does not have to look exactly like every other sword. In fact, it was a magic sword, so it should most likely *not* look like any other sword, so we really should not judge it just because it looks different.

And then of course there is the somewhat minor detail that stories of King Arthur seem to appear a few hundred years before the Crusades start, so the whole cross sword motif may not have started back then. Of course that would also invalidate the whole King Arthur legend as we currently know it, so I’m going to pretend that inconsistency does not exist. 🙂

Truth is, regardless of her heritage, she’s a beautiful sword. Who cares if she doesn’t look like all the other girls. She’s sharp, she’s got a great personality, she sweet, she’s smart, honest, and upfront, likes to get to the point and says what’s on her mind, ie, I don’t have to guess what she really means when she’s got her edge to my throat, has a great sense of humor, and, most importantly, she’s magical! None of the others can say that. So I don’t care. If you don’t like it, you can just sod off…  She’s mine. :p

Wait… What? Did I…? What just happened?

Doggone magical swords…

King Arthurs Excalibur Sword – [Saber and Sword]

Ghost Bustin’… With an Elven Sword?

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Today we get to look at a very special elven sword. I’m sure many of you have seen the movie Ghostbusters. And I’m sure that you are all aware of one of the biggest problems that battling with ghosts presents. They are not solid. Guns, swords, axes, bazookas, not even pepper spray works against ghosts. According to Ghost Busters, the only way to fight ghosts is with a portable nuclear particle accelerator. Or something. Yeah. Right.

Well we don’ need no stinking nucleoid whachamaclerator. We got People. Elves to be exact. Magical freakin’ sword smith elves that know how to make the coolest ghost cuttin’ blades. Like this one. Folks, I’d like you to meet:

Anduril - Sword of King Aragorn

Anduril - Sword of King Aragorn

Now this is a beautiful sword. It is one of those simply but elegantly designed swords, that are just awe inspiring. The sleek, rune engraved blade is a work of art. And the simple cross guard only adds to sophistication of the blade. These elves really know their stuff!!

Anduril - Sword of King Aragorn

Anduril - Sword of King Aragorn

And then there is the all-important spectre battling ability. In the movie, this sword was used to “persuade” an army of ghosts to fight beside Aragorn in the last installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Ignoring for a moment the paradox created by the fact that these ghosts actually *wanted* to be released from their ghostly purgatory, I suppose if I were a ghost who suddenly found myself in the unusual position of having a ghost-killing sword, of all things, at my throat, with the very real possibility that it might *ahem* “kill” me, I would have joined up too.

Then again I might just have joined to see if Aragorn could get one of his elven friends to make me one…

Anduril – Sword of Kings Elessar and Aragorn – [True Swords]
Anduril – The Ghost Bustin’ Sword of King Aragorn – [TolkeinTown]

Spartans Vs Uruk-Hai…

Friday, April 20th, 2007

I haven’t yet watched the movie 300 yet, even though most of the folks I’ve talked to about it rave on and on. I rarely have time to go to the movies nowadays, what with me pretending to work and all… *Ahem*… Errrr… anyway, I came across a reproduction of the Spartan Sword used in the movie 300 and though it was quite an interesting weapon.

King Leonidas Spartan Sword

King Leonidas Spartan Sword

My interest was piqued for several reasons. First, it seems to have been left relatively unfinished. Now I’m no historian, but I’d imagine that the Spartans would have at least have had the discipline to polish their swords. If course this is probably wishful thinking on my part, and it does make for a great dark sword post subject, so I probably shouldn’t complain. : ) However there were a couple of other design features of interest.

The handle had an integrated finger guard whose design I thought was a little off. The guard seems to drop to two opposing points just above the middle finger. It seems to me that might be more likely to pierce the user in the heat of battle than protect the finger f the wielder. Don’t get me wrong, it looks cool like that, but I’d rather have a single continuous band covering my precious digits than those treacherous spikes. or an opening at the very bottom, not in the middle of the grip. But that is just this lowly bloggers opinion.

King Leonidas Spartan Sword - Blade Detail

King Leonidas Spartan Sword - Blade Detail

Beyond that, it appears to be a well designed weapon. It seems to me like it would have the same structural integrity of the Uruk-Hai Scimitar I blogged about earlier, though in a much more purposeful, ergonomically, and aesthetically designed package. Notice the ridge down the side of the blade, as well as the distribution of steel on either side of it. It seems to have been designed for both close quarters slashing and thrusting, and I think it would do both well.

I can totally see a spartan wielding this. Now the question remains. Spartans vs Uruk Hai… Who would win…?

King Leonidas 300 Spartan Scimitar – [True Swords]

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