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A Sword Set In Stone…

Friday, August 7th, 2009

And no, This post will make no reference to Arthurian steel of any kind… 🙂

Today, as promised, I have a proper weapon to show you. Actually a rather unique weapon too. A nice curvy pointy one. In stone. Yep…

Ok I’ll stop being a tease… 🙂 I present to you:

Stone Handled Scimitar

Stone Handled Scimitar

A fine example of swordsmithing indeed! This scimitar is interesting in a couple of different ways. First, I love the simple finish on the blade. No high gloss flashy polished steel here, this sword is banded ultra hard carbides. Basically a modern Damascus blade, developed for hardness and strength. This sword is all business boys and girls! Profile wise, This blade is a study of understated scimitar features: A mildly curved scimitar blade, with a fine point, and the stereotypical large scimitar tip profile with the small secondary arc just aft of the point.

In a large heavy scimitar, both of these characteristics are much more exaggerated, but on this sword, they are there, but completely toned down, almost to the point of nonexistence. A rather effective aesthetic if you ask me. The spine of the blade, interestingly enough, is adorned with small scallops, which in this case, aren’t actually bad. Combined with the graduated, textured finish of the blade, it adds a kinds of antiqued effect I find rather cool.

The blade darkens down into the hilt, topped by the traditional simple “S” shaped cross guard, except that the legs of this guard are actually twisted into shape, much like a wrought iron piece. Nice!

Stone Handled Scimitar - Guard

Stone Handled Scimitar - Guard

But perhaps the most unique feature of this sword is the grip. Yes the grip also has a somewhat less toned down version of a traditional scimitar grip profile, but, in a unique twist, the grip is made of stone!! Dendritic limestone, to be precise.

Stone Handled Scimitar - Hilt

Stone Handled Scimitar - Hilt

Now to be honest, while the blade would most certainly pass muster as a service blade, I think stone is perhaps not the best grip material. At least not for practical purposes. It is hard, so it will transmit every impact of the blade directly to the wielders hands, (which I can assure you, is not a fun feeling) And it is also more brittle that steel, so it will most likely break under any extreme load. And I can’t really tell how it’s mounted. If I were a betting creature I wouldn’t be placing any bets about the strength of that getup.

But besides that, the overall aesthetic is pretty darn cool. Even if it is just a wall Hanger. Stone handled wall hangers FTW!!! 😀

Stone Handled Scimitar – [Angel Swords]

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