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Great Serious Scimitars!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Not too long ago, I ran across a rather interesting sword. A thing of absolute beauty. A scimitar, to be specific. But not just any scimitar. This Scimitar is… killer:

Two Handed Great Scimitar

Two Handed Great Scimitar

I dare any one of you to tell me this scimitar isn’t the bees knees. I dare you. And if you do feel that way, then I have a few choice words for you: Go sit in a hole for the rest of your life, you ignorant, prejudiced, vacuous, scimitar hating, heathenous wretch…!

Ok, so I didn’t mean all that. Or maybe I did, Just a little. But I don’t see how any one could look at this sword and say “I hate it.”

I mean just look at it. Look at those curves on that shiny evil narrow blade. The sinister clip point. The curve of the dark, cord wrapped grip. The curves and points of the guard. This scimitar just screams, (in a subtle and understated way of course) “Fear me, for I am the cleaver of worlds…!”

Ok, so maybe that’s not what it’s screaming. But whatever it’s screaming, it’s loud, and it’s very scary. I just had to share.

Two Handed Great Scimitar – [Angel Sword Store]

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