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A groovy little axe…

Friday, November 27th, 2009

When I think of Feng Shui, the Chinese system of organizing your environment in order to maximize positive Chi (aka Qi/Chakra/Energy) flow, the last thing that comes to mind is an axe. However, I suppose, from my admittedly limited knowledge of how it works, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the rulebooks that says Feng Shui cannot work through an axe.

In fact, it seems kind of implicit that an axe should affect the feng shui of any environment, it is in, depending on it’s placement. But now I’m just rambling…

The topic of this post, obviously, is an interesting little axe I ran into a while back. Ostensibly called the Chinese Feng Shui Axe:

Chinese Feng Shui Axe

Chinese Feng Shui Axe

As you can see, it’s an unusual little, all metal axe, fairly simple in design, with a relatively small (as axes go) crescent shaped head, a contoured gourd shaped pommel, and a spike on top. And, or course, the requisite red hair tassel to redirect the blood that might result from employing a little “Feng Shui” reorganization of someones face with said axe..

Hey, I kid, I kid… For the record, I do not condone the arbitrary reorganization of other peoples faces with axes, or, for that matter, any other kind of weapon. Except scalpels. In which case you must be a plastic surgeon, and the person must have been absolutely hideous to start with. But I digress.

This axe actually looks kinda cool, and seems like it would be a little heavy, but fairly effective. But it is, in fact, supposed to frighten bad Chi away. At least according to the website I found it on. Me personally, I think I’d employ a much larger, quite a lot more intimidating axe for that particular task.

I mean seriously. Have you seen the sheer amount of bad Chi floating around nowadays? 😀

Chinese Feng Shui Axe – [Online Oriental]

Another Cool Covenant Energy Sword…

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

If any of you are fans of the game HALO, I’m sure you will know what this cool little weapon is all about:

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword

This, for those of you who are not the gamer types, this is a replica of the energy sword used by the Elite Covenant forces from the game HALO. I posted about a similar, custom made covenant blade in another post, but that one was a one-off. This one is a mass produced version. You know, i’ve always liked the idea of energy blades. Much like light sabers, the Covenant energy sword is a light weight, no wear/tear, weapon that will cut through pretty much anything. However this power comes at a steep cost.

First, in reality, unlike how it is portrayed in the game, energy swords are not entirely indestructible. Your energy flow could be interrupted somehouw. Maybe the power supply or control circuit gets damaged. Then all you have is a short shiny little Yeah. And lets not forget the serious energy requirements of an energy blade. Massive power is needed to make an energy arc that can cut through steel like butter. Something along the lines of a nuclear power plant. Yessirree. Not exactly the kind of thing you could pick up at your local hardware store.

I can just imagine that conversation: “Hey, you got any enriched uranium back there? No? Well can you order some?…” Uh huh. I’m betting you find Homeland security at your front door when you get home. And as if that weren’t bad enough, unlike a regular knife, you could actually run out of juice for your energy sword. That would be a bummer in the middle of a pitched battle, now wouldn’t it? This is why I rely on steel. It never runs out of bullets, or juice, or whatever. Just keeps on going. Like the energizer bunny. Assuming, of course, that it is of any appreciable quality, and it is taken care of. But I digress.

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword - Hilt

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword - Hilt

This energy sword, unlike the last one I posted about, has a unique quality. Primarily that both of its 440 stainless steel blades have been specially treated to provide an almost titanium like color shift effect. Very cool. In fact the colors are very close in hue to those of the game weapon, and shift colors slightly depending on what angle you are looking at it. Pretty nice.

Now it has an ABS grip, so I would go trying to duel the Master Chief with it, but it is certainly a beautiful replica. Even if it is for the elite of the losing side… 😀

Halo Elite Covenant Energy Sword – [True Swords]

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