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Caution! Dangerous Curves Ahead…

Monday, August 31st, 2009

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I have an abiding love of curves. Lots of different kinds of curves. I’ll leave the specifics up to your imagination. However this site was started for one specific brand of curves. Those of the sharp, shiny and dark steel variety.  And these.. curvy steel implements… 🙂 can in fact carry curves so *sexy* that if you happen to be the religious type, you might well need to go to confession for just looking at them.

OK maybe that’s just me.

But still. There are some knives that I find almost immoral… Kinda like this one:



Yeah… The Fighter. From the South African site Herbst. And more evil, seductive lines I have not seen, barring those of elven design. Not to mention the level of detail, fit and finish on this knife is just absolutely mind blowing. Look at the grip on this blade. Incorporating an integral, twisted iron patterned full hand guard, the grip sports a set of beautiful polished wood scales, capped on either side by finely detailed gold and silver accents.

Fighter - Grip

Fighter - Grip

The gold treatment even goes between the scales and the blade, all the way up to the top of  the bolster. Just absolutely amazing detail:

Fighter - Bolster

Fighter - Bolster

The pommel is equally well treated, but also sporting a rather evil point:

Fighter - Pommel

Fighter - Pommel

On either side of the blade at the ricasso, the guard flows into a highly polished flourish, that contrasts excellently with the flat finish of the ricasso area.

Fighter - Ricasso

Fighter - Ricasso

And from there on up, is one of the most sinful blades I have ever come across:

Fighter - A Sinful Blade

Fighter - A Sinful Blade

A double scalloped spine, meets the smooth complex curve of the front edge of the blade in a beautiful symphony of shiny, curving steel, with curves that just, don’t stop… Absolutely eeeeeevilll… *droool..* Errr.. Ahem.

Yes… I, err, I think I need a cold shower now. Not that it will do me much good, but…

The Fighter – [Herbst]

Elven swords and spears are just too cool…

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I recently ran across an interesting set of weapons, both from the movie “Hellboy II : The Golden Army”. Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Luke Goss. The original HellBoy movie had quite an array of interesting weapons and this latest incarnation is no exception. This time around, I’ll be talking about two weapons in particular, a spear and a sword, both the weapons of renegade elven Prince Nuada, played by Luke Goss:

Prince Nuadas Weapons from the movie HellBoy II: The Golden Army

Prince Nuadas Weapons from the movie HellBoy II

If memory serves, both of these weapons were worn by Prince Nuada at various points in the movie. In the final challenge battle he gives the sword to Hellboy to challenge him with. Quite the honorable, if misguided fellow. Up until he tried to stab HellBoy in the back. Quite the angsty type. Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand where his angst came from. But I’m rambling.

I found both weapons interesting for a several reasons. When I compared the design of each of the two weapons, I found their designs to be both conflicting and complementary. They both appear to display completely opposing levels of sophistication, and yet are furnished identically, almost as if designed by different people, then finished to match. In addition, each appears almost specifically designed to fulfill a role that the other cannot. I’ll start with the Sword:

Prince Nuadas Sword from the movie HellBoy II: The Golden Army

Prince Nuadas Sword from the movie HellBoy II

The sword is of an interesting, but rather limiting design. It is wide, heavy, of medium length, and has no point. Franky as Elven swords go, it is not of the characteristically edgy but beautiful design that elven swords are known for. It appears to be designed purely for cutting and cleaving, and possesses absolutely no thrusting capabilities whatsoever.

In fact, it almost appears to have none of the characteristics of traditional elven swords whatsoever, save for the hilt furniture. If I were to hazard a guess, I might speculate that the sword was not really of elven design, but may have been commissioned, only as an afterthought by the prince, to match the the spear, which was actually his favored weapon.

An interesting feature of the swords design, is that it carries a little notch at in the spine, just before the tip, (if you can even call it that). This notch could theoretically be used to capture and break other swords. It’s almost as though this sword was designed purely for very close quarters combat with other swords, and nothing else. As you will see, I think there is a purpose for that, which becomes a little more plausible once we’ve looked at Prince Nuada’s other weapon, (and probably his favorite) his elven spear:

Prince Nuadas Spear from the movie HellBoy II: The Golden Army

Prince Nuadas Spear from the movie HellBoy II

Now this spear, that is an elven weapon. So much more elegant than the sword. From the pommel to at least midway through the deceptively short shaft, it is identical to the sword, but from there on out it is a completely different story. Prince Nuada was perfectly capable of using the spear in it’s short form for melee combat, however its use would be restricted mainly to thrusts, with limited slashing capabilities provided by the relatively large (by spear head standards), but comparatively short (against a sword), broad and beautifully crafted spear head.

In the movie, the spear is imbued with eleven witchery and was capable of extending about 4 extra feet, to achieve the full spear length of around 6 feet. And what a beautiful 6 feet of black and gold elven rune etched spear they were!! We also see in the movie that the spear also has an auto-magically repairing tip. A very handy feature, especially given how beautiful that spear head is. No worrying about broken spear heads and all that.

Anyway, while the spear provided Prince Nuada with much greater reach, it would still have been limiting in close quarters battle, and against a skilled sword wielding opponents, using weapons whose entire edge could be used to inflict lethal cuts, he may have found it necessary to resort to using a sword. My hypothesis would be that, at this point there would be very few of the elven race left, and so the sword would have been forged by a non-elven smith, which would describe it’s crude nature.

Of course in reality, whoever designed these weapons may not have had anything of the sort in mind, but I thought those particular design choices were an interesting coincidence. Perhaps the sword was designed that way purely because the designer knew HellBoy would eventually be using it. In which case I’d say the design was spot on.

Anyway, I think that’ll be enough of me forging speculative logic for the design and function of fictional weapons for a fictional prince of a fictional race from a fantasy movie.

Oh, wait…

Actually this works. I am actually not real myself.

Never mind. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. 🙂

Prince Nuadas Sword – [True Swords]
Prince Nuadas Spear – [True Swords]

A beautiful sword for a beautiful but deadly lady…

Monday, November 19th, 2007

A few posts back I introduced you to the shirasaya, which, for all intents and purposes, is an exercise in Japanese sword making minimalism. My kind of design. Well just happened to come across another stunning example of a black shirasaya, that I felt deserved a post. I present to you, one of the coolest designs I have ever seen in a shirasaya:

O-Ren Ishii Shirasaya

O-Ren Ishii Shirasaya from Kill Bill
[view full size]

The dark, lithe and lovely blade above is a reproduction is of the beautiful shirasaya used by the character O-Ren Ishii, a Japanese mafia boss, in the movie “Kill Bill”, played by equally stunning Lucy Liu. Now this shirasaya is special in quite a few ways. Let me count the ways… 😛

The most noticeable is it’s shape. You can see the mild s-shape that this shirasaya takes when sheathed. Sweeeet. 🙂 And then you have the almost elven sword like blade, with a large ricasso. A ricasso is unusual for a Japanese swords, but here it adds a more organic feel to the blade, much like the sword of Arya, which I found equally alluring.

And of course, the black laquer treatment of the scabbard and blade is just superb. All and all, I really like the elegance and simplicity of this swords design…

O-Ren Ishii Shirasaya– [True Swords]

Elves Have Wicked Style…!!!

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

I’ve probably mentioned earlier how Elves are just da bomb diggity with sword design. They make really beautiful swords. Frost swords, organic swords, even ghost busting swords. And every new sword seems to outdo the last. The pair I’m going to talk about today are no exception:

Elf Warrior Dual Swords

Elf Warrior Dual Swords
[view full size

Now these swords are a thing of beauty to my eyes. Simply beautiful. To me, the most striking thing about them are the curves. Oh so subtle but beautifully coordinated. The clean transitions from one curved section of the blade to the next. The coordinated dance to the oh-so-sharp point.

And the fittings! The fittings are just icing on the cake. As you can see the ricasso is acid etched with a coral like pattern that extends a bit up the spine of the blade, and seems to continue down, through the handle, to the pommel of the weapon.

The guard is a gold plated aluminum sleeve, etched with a larger, but similar pattern. The guard juts out just below the ricasso, with an finger indentation just below it. The handle is wrapped, Japanese style, in faux black leather with black fittings. The design is just beautifully executed.

There is an intrinsic, almost paradoxical dichotomy about weapons like these that have always captivated me. These feral, sinister and wickedly vicious weapons, present such a sophisticated, elegant, aesthetically pleasing form.

Don’t know if I’ll ever figure out what twisted part of my soul attracts me to these kinds of things, but whatever it is, with weapons like these around, I can definitely say it will not get starved for entertainment…

Elf Warrior Dual Swords – [Collectors Edge]

A Beautiful, Elegant Blade…

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Ok, today we travel back to the realm of wizards, sorcery and dragons. We visit another sword from the realm of Eragon. I was caught by surprise by this sword. I don’t know what it is about it that impressed me so much, but I knew I had to write about it. This is the sword wielded by the Elven Princess Arya, I’d like to introduce you all to:

Sword of Arya

Sword of Arya

Now this sword is beautiful in many ways. For one, it’s simplicity is very appealing. The blade is relatively simple, an basic single edged blade with a mild, graceful curve leading into a sharp point. The short handle is organic in appearance, also slightly curved, much like the blade, with a bone like look to it, but obviously designed to afford a positive grip to it’s wielder. The over all effect is one of elegance encapsulated in a very organic style.

At 34″ overall, it is not a long sword by any means, but it’s design is in keeping with the character that wields it in the movie. It is intended to be a light, fast sword, tailored to a very skilled user. The narrow point design might indicate a preference towards fast, thrusting attacks, much like a rapier, but the thickness towards the hilt would also provide a lot of blade flexibility, allowing for slashing and parrying larger blades where necessary.

I have to say I just love the overall design of the sword. The simplicity, the organic curves, even the design focus all work together to make this sword a beautiful and elegant work of art. It’s going on my list. Most def. No doubt.

The Sword of Arya – [True Swords]
The Sword of Arya – [SouthWest Blades]

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