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A Funky Double Bladed Fighting… Weapon?

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Today we have yet another entrant into the “Black Ronin” series of blades.

Black Ronin Dual Fighter

Black Ronin Dual Fighter
[view full size]

Now this weapon I find interesting because… I don’t get it. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot to like about the weapon. The matte black finish, the dual, westernized tanto style blades, these are all very cool.

But usually weapons that make significant departures from the standard design usually do so for a reason. For most weapons, I can figure it out just by looking at them and thinking about how those changes make them different and how it would affect it during it’s use. But this one… I got nothing.

Obviously, from the name, this is intended to be a fighting blade of some type. But the way it’s designed, it kinda seems like it would work against you in certain circumstances. The upward pointing blade, well, ok, I can see that offset working to improve your reach and protecting your valuable digits. Maybe.

But the downward one… I dunno. And now that I think about it, this design would also make the chances of grip rotation in the hand more likely. In other words, since the blade is offset from the handle, if it’s hit from the side with sufficient force, it will want to make the whole thing rotate around in your hand. Kind of like a really old fashioned hand drill. Possibly ending up facing you…

LOL OK, I’m exaggerating, but it does really look like an old fashioned hand drill… Maybe that’s why marketing had to resort to the tried and true “Black Ronin” treatment. Perhaps this weapon designer missed their true calling…

Black Ronin Dual fighter – [True Swords]

Flying dragons with wings of shiny steel…

Monday, March 10th, 2008

To paraphrase one of my favorite bloggers: G’day readers! Every now and then I run across a weapon that has me scratching my head. Today is one of those days. Allow me to introduce you to a rather unusual “dagger”:

OOOOKKKKKKK… Interesting. Now I am all about weapon being art. It can be a beautiful thing. What I do not get is how the art can be allowed to completely dictate the form of the weapon, to the extent it it more a danger to the wielder than it is to an opponent. Am I confusing you? Good. let me elaborate. Lets take a look at this “dagger” shall we?

First off, your average dagger is a short, pointed, double or single edged knife with a fairly thick blade. What is this? I dunno really. It looks like… an upside down double Ulu (an Alaskan Eskimo chopping knife)…

Hey, that’s what it looks like… I’m just saying. Ok, so maybe I’m being unfair. It is a dragon themed blade. There are two blades representing the dragons outstretched wings, between which juts the head of the dragon. The dragons body is the grip of the blade. And the pommel is a curved piece with blades that represent spikes on the dragons tail.

Ah yes. The tail. Lets talk about that spikey tail shall we? the bladed spikes that point inwards towards the wielders hands. Yeah. Those spikes. That’s what I was talking about when I pointed out that this “dagger” was a greater danger to it’s wielder. But hey, it’s art right? And art is in the eyes of the beholder. Or so they say. I have no problem with art either way. It’s when they start calling art “Daggers”, and “fantasy axes”, and “ethereal swords” and whatnot that I start getting a little antsy.

What I am trying to say, in my oh, so, subtle manner is this: Dear blade art designers, this is not a dagger. It’s an art piece. In steel. Sharp, artistically rendered steel, yes. But nothing more nor less than an object d’art. And most certainly not a dagger. At least not in any traditional sense. Not trying to belittle the art or anything, but please, for the love of all that is holy, know the difference…

Flying Dragon Dagger – [Realm Collections]

A spear to die for… Or on…

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Many moons ago, I engaged in a little whine about a so called fantasy axe that looked more like a big knife with a (pointlessly, I might add) swivelling head. I remember thinking (and commenting) on how the design might make for a good spear head. Well guess what:

Sonjas Revenge

Sonyas Revenge Spear
[view full size]

OK, so the head on this spear isn’t exactly identical to the head on the Fantasy Axe. But it’s the same idea. It’s a double bladed, or more accurately a forked spear head, where each blade represents one side of the double pointed fork.

And a rather menacing fork it is. Notwithstanding the brownie points this weapon gets for having a black spear head, the overall contours of the spear are very… shall we say curvaceous? I mean seriously, just look at it. The spear head is all curves and points. In Phyreblade parlance that combination is commonly referred to as being “Dead sexeh”… *ahem*

But as I was saying, certainly an evil weapon. In the hands of a vengeful Amazon. Be afraid. Be very afraid… 🙂

Sonjas Revenge – [True Swords]

A Killer Energy Sword

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Today we venture yet again into the world of replica video game weapons, and a hobbyists interpretation of a weapon from the wildly popular video game HALO:

Energy Blade from HALO

Halo Energy Blade
[view full size]

Now obviously, this is not an energy blade. This is what the original energy blade in halo looked like:

HALO – Elite Covenant Energy Blade

Halo Elite Covenant Plasma Sword
[view full size]

A very interesting concept, in the game, the Energy Blade (AKA Plasma Sword) is formed from a coronal energy discharge of some sort that worked in a similar fashion to that of a light saber. Anything touching the edge would be instantly superheated, which made it the equivalent of a hot knife through butter, except that pretty much everything else was butter… But I digress.

Since we obviously have not the technology to replicate plasma blades (or light sabers for that matter), the enterprising replica maker decided to use good old steel. A rather large chunk of stainless steel, in fact,  polished to a mirror shine. So no, it may not be a plasma blade, but yes, this could be almost as lethal as the real thing, were it to actually exist. Here’s another shot of the handywork:

Halo Energy Blade

Halo Energy Blade
[view full size]

Boy, look at the shine on that baby. I tell ya, I really wish the commercial production replica houses would put this much energy into making quality replicas of game and movie blades. They might end up being more expensive, but they would be worth every penny…

Halo Energy Blade (Covenant Elite Plasma Sword) – [Lionhearts Realm]

A Big, Black, Battle Axe.

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

In my last post I talked about the difficulties you might encounter if you attempted to behead someone with a scythe. Eh? No, like I said before, I do not spend my days idly contemplating how easy it would be to behead people with various weapons. I was just making a casual observation. Yes. Thank you.

Errr. Ok. Don’t take it the wrong way, but I just realized I’m getting ready to make a similar observation. See I came across this big axe. And it occurred to me. This would probably be the correct tool to use for beheading people… *ahem*… Look, it seemed like a good segue at the time OK? Whatever. No comments from the peanut gallery please…

Angry Happy Barbarian Battle Axe

Angry Barbarian Battle Axe
[view full size]

OK look. Forget about the beheading thing. Alright? There are cooler things to talk about. The Axe is big and black. All black. Black blade, black shaft, black pommel, the works. And it’s got a big black spear point atop the axe head. And it’s huge. And it looks like it means business. It’s like all kinds of big bad black axitude. I like that in an axe.

What I don’t get is this. Why did they have to call this an “angry” barbarian battle axe? Why not just a regular barbarian battle axe? Are angry barbarians easier to identify with? I mean it’s not like a regular barbarian would be any less inclined to kill you in battle. They would just as soon take your head as soon as look at you right? And with an axe like this it would be like shwing! And your head would be gone… errr..

What the… I heard that! Quit with the snickering already!! Ok that’s it. I’m done. You guys suck… Fine. I’m calling my therapist…

Angry Happy Barbarian Battle Axe – [True Swords]

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