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An interesting mad demon sword.

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Today we look at a set of rather exotic swords, in terms of it’s design, that have a unique feel:

Mad Demon Warrior Swords

Mad Demon Warrior Sword

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 As you can see, we have a set of two swords crossed behind the head of a demon mask of some sort. Now I’m more or less indifferent to the mask, but I found the sword design intriguing.

The blade of each sword has one of those shapes I like, with a slim straight blade, much like a rapier, that tapers into a spear tip point. Nice, but not altogether completely unheard of. But the hilt/grip/pommel are where it’s differences really shine through.

The ricasso of these swords is adorned with a copper colored conical extension, the blends into a pewter colored dish shaped guard. The guard sits atop a lightly ridged black grip, that flows down into a flared copper pommel that is capped with a ridged globe ending in a similarly ridged point.

Unlike the vast majority of the other European and Japanese styled swords I have blogged about in the past, the design of this sword is unique, I’m guessing Indian/Tibetan design, based on the hilt and the mask design (someone please correct me if they know it actual origin). I don’t see a lot these designs, so I thought it would make for an interesting post…

Mad Demon Warrior Sword – [True Swords]

A Demon Slaying Katana

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Welcome traveler. You’re on a demon killing mission. You must go it alone, and you can carry one, and only one, demon slaying weapon with you at any time. You have the option of:

  1. Salt
  2. Eggs
  3. Silver
  4. Garlic
  5. Vinegar
  6. Demon Slayer Katana


OK, that was a trick question. If you chose any of the above options, you have already failed. You quest was to fight your own inner demons. And you have just succumbed to them. Unless, of course, you happen to be a mythical creature yourself. In which case you may have killed yourself. But I Digress.

The most important thing to remember is this. Choosing option 6 would have let you look cool. Even while losing your battle against your inner demons:

Demon Slayer Fantasy Katana

Demon Slayer Fantasy Katana

[view full size]

I thought this sword was interesting just because it had a few features I don’t see every day. Obviously, being a black blade got it some serious attention. But it also has character. Like look at the blade. I like th narrow blade profile, and the cut outs in the center are an interesting touch. I usually don’t like that particular form of aesthetic modeling due to structural integrity issues, but it does impart an interesting look to the blade.

The hilt is also interesting, featuring a round, samurai style guard, capped with a unique v shaped shoe, meant to fit a v shaped depression in the scabbard. The grip is a simple cylindrical black wrapped affair, finished off on the butt end by a rather pointy looking cap. the scabbard is ecually simple, employing a details end cap as well as similarly engraved scabbard opening trim to finish off the effect.

Overall a pretty cool sword. Even if it won’t help you fight your inner demons…

Demon Slayer Fantasy Katana – [True Swords]

Vampiric Vampire Hunters…

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Anyone who watches their fare share of Japanese animated vampire flicks will have noticed an interesting trend. The protagonists of said flicks usually tend to be vampires themselves. Usually very special vampires, like Dhampirs, (or day walkers), etc.

And they are usually some kind of either half-breed or ridiculously powerful full breed (usually a direct descendant of Count Dracula hisself) who have, for one reason or another, decided to turn upon their own kind. Much like the concept of demonic demon slayers I’ve talked about before, I find the idea of evil being the only way to battle evil (using fire to fight fire as it were) a common and rather interesting theme in Japanese animated culture.

But my goal is not to lecture you about Japanese culture. It is to talk about the weapon of one of the more recent additions to the list of animated vampiric vampire hunters, namely that of Saya from the anime Blood+.

Blood Plus - Saya's Vampire Hunting Sword

Blood+ - Saya's Vampire Hunting Sword

Now this sword had a very unique design. The blade is actually offset downwards from the handle just after the hilt, and there is an edge on the rear of the bade that extends over the dropped edge and up to the hilt. It is an interesting design, but there is a reason for this particular design feature. Saya is actually a full blown Chiroptera however her blood has the unique quality of being poisonous to other Chiroptera in the series.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of her sword, she cuts her thumb on the rear edge of the blade, and allows her blood to flow into the fuller running the length of the blade prior to a cut. This was to ensure that any cut on an opposing Chiroptera would be lethal.

In practice, this particular design feature would be unnecessary and detrimental. Introducing sharp blade displacements of that nature usually only weaken a blade. it would have made more sense for her to use a straight, double edged blade, and cut her thumb on the rear edge, and then lay her thumb on the side. It would have achieved the same effect and allowed for a stronger sword. But then again that is just the stupid dork in me picking apart a fictional sword from a fictional anime series.

In spite of it’s structural shortcomings, it is a very good looking blade, and the design is very futuristic. It would also have the advantage of allowing cuts slightly closer to the hilt of the blade than would have normally been easy to perform with a straight sword. All in all, a very cool and purposeful looking sword. Worthy of a vampire who… slays vampires… Ahem…

Sayas Sword – [True Swords]

Demon Slaying Inspiration?

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Ok, in the demon slaying spirit of a recent post, I thought I’d share the discovery of yet another demon related weapon. An Axe. An inspirational Axe, no less, with a name that sounds like it was straight out of the old PC game Diablo:

Demons Axe of Inspiration

Demons Axe of Inspiration

Now much like the last “demonic” weapon I talked about, the nomenclature of this axe immediately begs a lot of questions. Is it a demon slaying axe, designed to inspire humans to greater acts of demon slaying bravado? Or a demons axe, designed to inspire the demon to more acts of human crushing treachery? Who knows. All I know is it is a very unique interesting design for an axe.

Notice that the cheeks of each blade consist of an open, truss-like design. I’d guess that it’s prima facie intention was to maximize strength while reducing weight. There are also 3 silver plated rivets at what would normally be the joints of each truss. Unfortunately, from a practical standpoint, I think this design would actually be detrimental to the overall strength of the blade, as trusses and rivets would introduce structural weaknesses where they need not exist. In normal double bladed axe design, the cheek or sides of the axe are solid, in order to provide the most structural support along the striking edge of the blade. But I suppose for some designers, artistic license trumps structural integrity any day.

Another interesting design point is the blade. It is an absolutely straight blade, placed at an angle to the handle. This is interesting for a number of reasons, the most salient being that functionally, I think that an angled straight blade would limit the number of different ways you could effectively strike with such a weapon, as well as minimize the effective striking blade area. When swinging an axe, you’d think that most targets would be somewhere at right angles to the handle. But then again, I could be wrong, and (as usual) I probably shouldn’t be applying practical combat considerations to an ornamental axe now should I?

From that aesthetic perspective, however, it is an exceptionally unique and beautiful design. The truss feature complements the straight blade beautifully, and the round handle rises into a ominous broad head point tip covering the eye of the axe. This axe does what it was designed to to very well, which is to look formidable, unique and ominous all at the same time. Now I’m still undecided as to whether the inspiration it is supposed to imbue is intended for humans or demons. And I’m hoping to never have to find out…

Demon’s Axe of Inspiration – [True Swords]

Demon Slaying… Demons.

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Today we get to visit the realm of a sword intended to battle a rather unconventional foe. A sword that I initially believed was so named because it could be used to battle… Demons!

Demons, you say! “Uh huh.” All righty then! What kind of demons? “I dunno.” Probably your garden variety human hating kind, but who cares? Doesn’t make much difference to me, I just like it because it looks cool. From the mystical halls of Q-Branch, Demon Weapons division, I bring you:

Dark Demon Slayer

Dark Demon Slayer

Now this is a fairly interesting design, consisting of a very broad sword that comes to a fairly convincing point, especially if you happened to be on it’s receiving end. The design features of note on this sword are the two smaller sub blades, that seem to have no purpose but to add to the menacing appearance of the sword. Perhaps they serve as a guard of some sort, though they seem a little small to do that job very well. Either way, they do add to the over aggression of the blade.

Now this sword design has actually been floating around for a long time. I’ve always thought it was a cool sword, and having run into it again since starting this blog, I thought I’d share it with you. But there is another reason why I bring up this sword.

Regarding the idea about this being a demon killing weapon, after following up on a hunch, I decided later on that my interpretation might be mistaken. As an interesting side note, I found that it has an uncanny resemblance to another fictional dark blade, one that I mentioned on one of my very first posts, the Stormbringer:



Can you see the resemblance? Remove the sub blades, add a traditional cross-guard and Voila! It’s the Stormbringer! Now the fact that the Stormbringer in the Michael Moorcock series of fantasy books was in fact a demonic weapon kinda makes me wonder wonder if there is more than coincidence to this all so subtle resemblance.

The truth of the matter, (as far as fictional novels can be truth) was that Stormbringer was sentient, a transformed Demon with an innate evil intelligence and will, that could cut everything and anything not protected by the most powerful of spells, which also just so happened to “feed” on the souls of those it killed. I found out however that Stormbringer did indeed slay other demons without remorse, making it a demonic demon slaying demon.

Methinks perhaps that maybe, this sword was not a “demon slayer” at all, but rather a sword demon that just enjoyed slaying. Period. Rather indiscriminately, I might add. Things that to make you go “Hmmmmmm”…

Perplexing? Indeed. Scary? Most certainly. Do I want one? You betcha!

The Dark Demon Slayer – [True Swords]

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