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A Quadruply Cool Trident.

Monday, June 8th, 2009

A while back I ran across some pics of a weapon I don’t see very often these days. A weapon that had it’s start in one of the most mundane of tasks. Spear fishing. A spear with three prongs, designed to improve a spear fishers chances of spearing a fish, with each prong barbed, in order to help prevent dinner from going free once impaled.

This weapon is almost certianly a greatly loved tool by spear fishermen, and a feared weapon by all fishdom 🙂 . However it seems that even humans found it more than just useful. Given the company it has keept through history, It must have been quite awe inspiring. I speak of course, of the Trident:

Shadow Strike Trident

Shadow Strike Trident

Clearly the photographer needed better lighting and a better backdrop to do this weapon justice, but I really like its design, so I thought I’d share the warm glow emitted by this beautiful facsimile of a great weapon. A weapon often depicted in the hands of mighty Roman Gladiators of old.

And as if being the favored weapon of a professional warrior wasn’t enough, the trident was a weapon of the Gods! It was, in fact, The Greek God Poseidons weapon of choice, as well as that of Neptune, the Roman God, and Shiva, the Hindu God. Great was the power of the trident!

Sadly, the picture is not particularly clear, and the place I originally found it no longer seems to have it. But from what I can see from the pic, it’s not hard to see why it was such a great weapon. From long black shaft, with a silver banded accents both at the pommel as well as half way up the grip, to the head of the weapon, it just screams for respect.

With the head of the trident, of course, demanding the most respect. From the ornate transition from black shaft, to the three, beautiful, double edged, barbed, spear headed prongs, it says nothing less than “I am trident. HEAR ME…” Roar? No.. Ping?  Naw… Clang…? Bah!

Ok, so I don’t know what sounds this trident would make. Perhaps a cool resonant metallic ring or something. But that’s besides the point. Or in this case, besides the three points. The point is that those three points always make an oftentimes barbed point to point out that they are pointy and are always quite pointed in thier passive declaration about how three points are better than a single point. (U C Whut I did thar? I just slay me… 🙂  he he he…  <crickets chirping> Ok, whatever…

Anyway, if you still don’t get the point, this particular trident has yet another trick up it’s long black sleeve. It actually has *4* points, and… a blade!  *gasp*! in addition to the three beautiful points at the head of the trident, this trident also comes apart in the middle of the shaft to reveal a hidden blade! This brings our point count to 4!

Ok, so I’m pushing the points a bit, and that whole “sword in a trident shaft” bit has to seriously weaken the shaft’s strength, but still, you can’t deny the coolness of this design. It is, by any measure, Fish, Men and/or Gods, an awesome weapon…

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it…

Shadow Strike Trident – [Anime Castle]

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