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This one goes out for all the… Ladies?

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Ok. I ran across a rather unusual set of weapons a while back. Weapons designed by an enigmatic Italian designer by the name of Antonio Riello. Weapons specifically for “Ladies”. Or so the site claims. Weapons designed to look like… Ladies fashion accessories.


Now in all fairness, they do appear to be fully functioning weapons. It’s just that… Well… See for yourself:



Say Hello to “Gea”. Yep. That’s her name. This spiked,  leopard spotted mace with gold chain and spiked pommel, is called “Gea”. Yeeeaaaah… So… Ok. Now I will admit to being a little conflicted about Gea. On the one hand, I don’t entirely think she looks half bad. But on the other hand, it looks like she was made on a TV show that was some horrific hybrid of “Pimp My Ride” and “Lord of War”.

Now don’t get me wrong. I would be the first to admit that aesthetics are part of the charm of weapons. I constantly proclaim my love of black weapons, and specific shapes, etc.. But this, these weapons, they seem a tad… unnatural. And this is not the worst of it. As if Gea weren’t enough all by her lonesome, Gea has friends:



Yeah… Pink. A pink Morning star, and a pink chain mace, called Ida, and Zoe respectively. Ugh.




Now I’d ask that any ladies among my readership forgive my possibly sexist opinion, but I think these two cross the line somewhere/somehow. They fill me with the same kind of horror that AK-74’s decorated with “Hello Kitty” motifs do. (And, as you’ll see on his site, the venerable AK, among many others, is not immune to desecration by this guy either. Oh! The humanity!!) They almost seem like abominations of some kind. I just can’t help it.

When I look at Ida and Zoe, I can’t help but think they might look better in black. Or, perhaps stained in a deep blood red. I’ll leave it to your imaginations to figure out where I’d get the blood… err… red dye from.

Gea, Ida and Zoe – [Ladies Weapons]

A Knife On A Rope…

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

A long while back, Sinza, a friend of mine who I admin the Exotic Automatic Forums with, suggested I look at on one of the weapons used in the movie Blade Trinity. Specifically Blades Chain Saber. At the time I wasn’t too keen on posting about it because, from my perspective, it was an Epic Phail of a weapon.

However in retrospect, I probably should have done it, because I do just as much griping about flawed weapons on this blog as I slobber over the cool ones. (My bad, man, my bad… 🙂 ) So when I happened to run across it again, I thought it would be a good time to rectify my mistake. And also point out why I didn’t like it.

Chain Saber

Blade Trinity: Chain Saber

[click image to view full size]

So what we have here is a knife on a rope. Kinda like a Soap on a Rope, but not quite as useful. Essentially what is a wide split blade with a rat tail tang, attached to a length of black elastic, that is connected to a black and chrome grip.

When retracted, the blade locks to the handle/grip. The grip has a set of buttons, one cosmetic, and the other functional which releases the blade.

Now this is certainly an interesting design, with lots of potential. I cannot argue that. A blade swinging around at the kind of velocities you could generate with something like this would be quite the formidable weapon. The only problem I have is that this replica gets all the important parts horribly, horribly, wrong.

Take the elastic band, for instance. Mating a piece of steel to some fabric covered rubber is never a good idea, expecially in a high stress environment. Mr. little rubber bungie cord is really is not a particularly tough fellow, and when made to rub elbows with Mr. Steel, a rather notoriously hardened chap, well… Bad things can happen.

Just picture a Wiimote going airborne and becoming embedded in wide screen TV. Except with a hunk of sharp steel instead of a small plastic brick. You get the idea. Not good. especially if you like wide screen TVs. Mr. Bungie was a good man. Pity he just snapped like that. Please do accept our condolences Mrs. Bungie… A moment of silence please… Ok… I’m rambling aren’t I… Right. Back on topic.

In fact, the weapon used in the movie employed a chain with a retraction mechanism in the handle. A much more sensible implementation. But it too, suffers from a rather insidious design flaw. Have you ever tried to swing a blade on the end of a chain? I have. Really fun. Except for one thing.

Unless you are using a quad edged blade, your chances of hitting anything with the *edge* of your blade are about 50/50. If you are good, you can get the point to bear fairly reliably, but edgewise strikes… Meh. So the way it is used in the movie is… You guessed it! Magic!

If I were designing such a blade, I would do one of two things. Either use a chain that is rotationally stable about the lengthwise axis of it’s links (like a bicycle chain), or use a bade that will cut no matter what  side it hits. IE use a quadruple, quintuple or sextuple edged blade.

Personally I think a fine, highly flexible, high tensile cable attached via a freely articulating joint to a quadruple edged blade would be the best design solution for a weapon of this nature. Especially given the design challenge of fitting a retraction mechanism into the handle. But that’s just the design nerd in my head talking.

What’s funny is the site I found this on touts the replica as an “exact” replica of the original. huh? *Exact*? Are you saying a fixed bungie cord is *exactly* the same as a chain attached to a button activated retraction mechanism?!? I think not.

Either way, great concept, not so good implementation, and total humiliation on the replica. Certainly cool to look at, but I really wouldn’t try to swing it any harder than you would an ostrich feather…

“Exact” replica… Pfft.

<Inigo Montoya>This word. I do not think it means what you think it means…</Inigo Montoya>

Blade Chain Saber – [SouthWest Blades]

Ghost Rider… Scorpion Reincarnated?

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

OK, If my heading made no sense to you, (in which case you have some serious sociocultural catching up to do, since I live in a cave, shun human contact, and even I know who these characters are) I am referring to the “Ghost Rider“, of comic book and now movie fame, (played excellently, I thought, but what do I know…) by Nicholas Cage, and Scorpion, of video game turned movie “Mortal Kombat“.

Now having got the introductions out of the way, a little more explanation of my heading. It is my suspicion, that the Ghost Rider, and Scorpion, are one and the same. Yes. No, my tin foil hat is not on too tight. I just checked it. No seriously.

Don’t believe me? Okeydokey then. I have proof. Really. Yes, of course I can show it to you… (N00b). Allow me to present exhibit “A”:

Ghost Rider Chain Whip

Ghost Rider Chain Whip

[click image to view full size]

Ok, Now see that? That is the Ghost riders chain whip. Yeah huh. Basically a massive chain, weighted on both ends. This one has a solid steel grip on one end, and a spiked weight on the far end, making it all the more… Lethal. Now here comes the fun part. Do you know what kind of weapon this is? No? Well I’ll tell you. It’s called a Manrikigusari.

Yep, a manriki chain. Ah, but of what significance is that? Well being the helpful chap that I am, I’ll say that the Manrikigusari is a Japanese weapon, and is more importantly, a weapon reputedly used quite a lot by… Yep, you guessed it. Ninjas! Now here comes the tricky part. You know who else is a Ninja? If I have to tell you this, you need to go read someone elses blog… Ah, yes. That’s right. Scorpion! You get a cigar and +100 internets.

What is even more interesting is that one of scorpions signature moves is to launch what looks like a chain from his palm at his opponents, which then impales them so he can reel them in and inflict massive close range damage… In later incarnations, the chain actually became a living extension of Scorpion… Sound familiar? Maybe like Ghost riders chains perhaps? I’m just saying…

Ah, but the similarities do not end there. Ghost rider spends most of his time looking like a normal human being (as good old Johnny Blaze, stunt biker extraordinaire, no less). But when he changes to the Ghost Rider, he has a flaming skull for a head. Oooooh Scaaaarryyy… 😛

Coincidentally, (or not) though Scorpion usually has a ninja mask on, what you can see of his face generally looks normal. However he has this move where he takes off his mask and breathes hell fire out at his opponents. And I’ll give you one guess whats under that mask when he takes it off… Bingo! A fire breathing skull!!

And as if that was not enough, check this out. The Ghost rider is a hell spawned creature who has dedicated his life to metering out vengeance on those who have been wronged. Scorpion, is a hell spawned undead ninja who has dedicated his life to visiting vengeance on those who massacred his clan and killed his family… Freaky coincidence? I think not.

I’m telling you… These two are the same guy. Seriously. It’s some kind of conspiracy. No, I’m not a nut. Have you not read everything I’ve said so far?!? More evidence than you can shake a flaming stick at. And you know what they say. Your not a nut if it’s true… Bah. What do you know…

Either way, this is the sweetest manrikigusari evar…

The Ghost Riders Chain Whip – [True Swords]

A dark weapon with a lot of good points…

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

And I guarantee that you won’t want to argue any of them. Not with any measure of success anyway. ‘Cause today we are going back to basics. A black steel ball. A bunch of 2″ sharp steel spikes. A chain. And a big stick to swing it all around with. Our weapon du jour is actually a fairly regular, though sinister medieval weapon. But I thought the modern variant I found still qualified for at least one post, just based on it’s malevolence alone.

No, it doesn’t have any blades. But come on. I think you’ll agree it has enough good “points” (AHA! I made another funny!!… … … Whatever… ) to more than make up for it. This, my friends, is the stuff that flails are made of. Meet Mr. Chain Mace.

A Medieval Chain Mace

A Medieval Chain Mace

Now this weapon has a lot more history behind it than you might imagine. This deceptively simple weapon is in fact a combination of several different weapons. Yep. It’s a schizophrenic weapon. Multiple personalities. And they’re all bad. That’s why it’s so dangerous. It’s got the blood of like 4 or 5 different weapons battling for control. I’ll try and introduce you to each of them…

Brass Skull Duo Mace

Brass Skull Duo Mace

OK, so first off your first character is the handle and chain, which come from your everyday medieval flail. Next up is the head, which is in fact of a wooden club design called the morning star. The morning star is actually a relative of the mace, which is, in turn, a descendant of the lowly, but ever so simple wooden club. Yeah. Heck of a lineage. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The family tree is not quite as simple as I’ve laid it out, but I’m pretty sure you won’t want to read too deep into the genealogy of a weapon like this. Might get a little too scary for ya. A little too “hard core”. Uh huh. Ya think you can handle it? Whatever. Anyway, the end result is quite self explanatory. Big bad spikes on a black steel ball, spinning around on a chain at high velocity. You do the math. I’m fresh out of brain cells.

Brass Skull Duo Mace – [True Swords]

A different kind of Wiper Blade…

Friday, May 11th, 2007

OOOOKKKK…. I ran into this little gem while looking at some other ninja swords. And boy, this is an unusual one. Now if the title of this post confuses you, there is a reason; it is actually in homage to the typo that exists on the product page of the website I found this on, describing it as a “Ninja Blade Wipe” instead of a “Ninja Blade Whip”, but although I subsequently corrected all of the references in this post to correctly describe the weapon, in the interest of humor, I decided to leave the heading as is.

(OK. This would be an appropriate point for a chuckle. If you don’t you are a cold hearted fish. And you live in a dark muddy pond. With mutant bull frogs. Fine. Be that way.) I’ve seen similar weapons twice, once in a move and once in a video game, just never in real life. But in essence, somewhere between the vast expanse that should theoretically exist between the designs for a whip and a sword, you may run across this:

Ninja Blade Whip

Ninja Blade Whip

Now to be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of this. The idea is certainly compelling in theory though. Basically, chain a bunch of smaller blades together into a freakishly long whip of blades. Got it. Only thing is, this freak of weapon nature is 46.5″ all told, and it seems like the hinges, and attachment point reinforcement, etc. would add all kinds of weight to the blade. A regular 46″ sword would probably weigh considerably less that this. It’s weight is not listed so I can’t be sure.

A 96″ or even 120″ weighted whip would almost certainly be lighter. But unless it weighs a lot less than it looks, this is not something that a ninja would want to lug around all the time. A kusarigama or manrikigusari would give a ninja the same reach without all the extra weight. Yet Another victim of over-enthusiastic weapons marketing.

But over optimistic ninja labeling aside, you could probably get some great velocity and power out of that, and with the sheer number of cutting edges on it, you could probably do a lot of damage. So from an intimidation and effectiveness standpoint, this might make for a great weapon for a person trained to use heavy/long swords or whips. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I’m sure a ninja could use one quite effectively. They are masters of all weapons after all.

It just probably wouldn’t be the first weapon they’d pick up going out the door…

Ninja Blade Whip – [True Swords]

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