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Another Wonderfully Impractical Anime Humongoblade!

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I was just looking through my archive wondering what to post about next, when I ran into a prop/replica of another great anime sword I’ve always found rather cool looking, if not really, really, over the top, like Clouds massive cleaver from Final Fantasy (aka Buster), or Ichigos over sized kitchen knife from Bleach (his zanpakutō Tensa Zangetsu) , or Inuyashas rather impressive doggie tooth (Tetsusaiga), or…

Well you get my point. The list of over sized anime swords is endless. You almost get the impression they are overcompensating for… Err… something. Or not. OK never mind.

Anyway, today I found another interesting example of over-the-top black smithing. This time from the anime Beserk:

Gattsus (aka Guts) Dragon Slayer

Gattsus (aka Guts) Dragon Slayer

Ain’t it a beaut? Now I do not remember where this pic came from, it’s been in my gallery for a while, and I thought I had even blogged about it before, but apparently not.

Basically, this thing, in the anime Beserk, is a good 6 foot or so slab of wide, massive steel with really, really sharp edges, wielded by this crazy black knight called Guts. Or Gattsu, if you want to use the Japanese pronunciation. Bad ass guy, big ass sword. And, of course,  completely and totally unusable by anyone but a fictional hero, a genetically enhanced human, or a cyborg. Or something along those lines.

And before you say “Pfft… I can wield that mate!” Let me remind you that the ability to swing a sword around is not the same as wielding a sword. This sword, like so many other anime weapons, would, in real life, wield you, not the other way around. I kid you not. Probably pop your arms out of their sockets too.

But It is still a very mean, and no nonsense looking sword. Just love it and had to share. What can I say. I have this thing for large pieces of dark, sharpened, pointy steel. Especially those with this kind of presence… 🙂

Gattsus Dragon Slayer – [Unknown]

Amazing Transforming Busters!

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

It wasn’t too long ago that I blogged about Cloud Strife of the Final Fantasy world and his huge Buster Sword. I happened to know that an animated movie had been made about the series, called Final Fantasy VII: Advents Children. But what I was not aware of, was that “improvements” that had been made to Clouds Buster for this installment. I was rather speechless at what I found. Here, for your viewing pleasure is the new and improved Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII: Advents Children…

Clouds Combined Sword

Clouds Combined Sword

Now this sword is a doozy. This buster is significantly larger than the original already ginormous Buster, at 44in long, 7in wide and 1.5in thick. But not only is is larger than the original buster, in every dimension, but is actually 4 swords in one! This sword (or combination thereof) is a good 15 lbs of Cloud Busting steel! Talk about overkill!

Combined Sword - Exploded View

Combined Sword - Exploded View

Now I’m sure that with the kind of strength that the main characters of the final fantasy universe possess, swords like these would still be practical to wield in battle, however it does beg the question: Under what circumstances would having 4 regular sized swords be better than having one devastatingly large one, especially if you have only two arms to wield them with? Things that make you go “Hmmm…”

Combined Sword - Hilt View

Combined Sword - Hilt View

Regardless, the idea behind this weapon and the way it was put together is very original, and looking at the various individual swords and the amazing fit and finish, at least based on the graphics provided, is dynamic weapon art at its best. You can even see the attention to detail in the design and implementation of the built in guards on the two folding swords. A very unique and interesting piece. I totally want one…

Cloud Strifes Buster Sword – [TrueSwords]

Slicin’ like Gang Busters…

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Being a pretty avid computer gamer, I’ve played pretty much every genre of computer of video game at one point or another. However I never really got into some of the games that are real popular nowadays, like Final Fantasy. I do know, however, that Final Fantasy 7 lead protagonist wields one of the most distinctive, massive and intimidating swords that I know of. I’m talking about Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7.

Cloud Buster Sword

Cloud Buster Sword

Here we have a 40″ sword, several inches wide and fairly thick to boot. I won’t even try to guess how much it weighs. I’m sure a thrice weekly sword training session would make for a great workout regimen. It’s probably how he keeps in shape. Just look at the thing! It’s bigger than he is! In fact, this might be the first example of a sword with built in shield functionality. Cloud could actually hide behind that thing!

I always find it interesting to watch the trend that fictional anime and game character swords have been following, getting bigger and bigger, and bigger. Stay tuned for more homongosword insanity…

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword – []

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