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Another Vanquisher of Vampires…

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

You’ll remember a while back I did a couple of posts about the proliferation of Vamp on Vamp crime in the media and such, and on the unique weapons they used. Well, I found yet another vampire-terminating sliver of soulless steel:

The Vampire Vanquisher

The Vampire Vanquisher
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Now I am not a professional vampire slayer by any means. They don’t come round these here parts. So I never had to learn. But if I were, this would be the sword I’d use. Why? Because it’s cool. Obviously the first thing you notice is it’s basic cruciform shape. Built-in Vampire repellent right thar. Until you meet one ‘o them super master vamps, at which point that keen edge would come in mighty handy for some quick decapitation work. Or you die. Depending on how much you suck. Or how experienced the vamp is at sucking the life out of hapless humans. But I digress.

What I really like about this sword is it’s aesthetics. As I mentioned before, It has a really neat cruciform shape built into the ricasso/guard, but even cooler is that there are some wicked looking curved blades at the ends of the guards. A rather practical design, I reckon, that also enhances the aesthetics of the weapon. The guard and substantial ricasso are also etched with a cool looking set of runes, which add to the overall appeal of the weapon. Though I’m betting they’d be a pain to clean, should you happen to get vamp juice all over them.

Now maybe I’m nitpicking a bit, but the grip and pommel don’t quite cut muster in my oh, so humble opinion. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re just, umm…, meh. I’m not a big fan of colored grips. Unless it’s black. Then I’m all about it. The red grip? It’s just not me. And I’d actually be fine with the pommel, IF it didn’t have those funky, dangly hook things on them. Looks like a prime way to get the sword hooked on your clothing or something. Definitely wouldn’t be a good position to be in while battling a really hungry blood sucker.

But those are the only areas I have any complaints. The blade itself is simple, bearing the slender, fairly straight lines that I find quite appealing for this kind of sword. This, in combination with the other aesthetic features of the guard and ricasso, make up for it’s other shortcomings. Which might just be me being nitpicky. Hey! No comments from the peanut gallery! Ya can’t can’t blame me for wanting perfection out of my vamp slaying weapons. Even if I might never use them…

the Vampire Vanquisher – [Collectors Edge]

Vampiric Vampire Hunters…

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Anyone who watches their fare share of Japanese animated vampire flicks will have noticed an interesting trend. The protagonists of said flicks usually tend to be vampires themselves. Usually very special vampires, like Dhampirs, (or day walkers), etc.

And they are usually some kind of either half-breed or ridiculously powerful full breed (usually a direct descendant of Count Dracula hisself) who have, for one reason or another, decided to turn upon their own kind. Much like the concept of demonic demon slayers I’ve talked about before, I find the idea of evil being the only way to battle evil (using fire to fight fire as it were) a common and rather interesting theme in Japanese animated culture.

But my goal is not to lecture you about Japanese culture. It is to talk about the weapon of one of the more recent additions to the list of animated vampiric vampire hunters, namely that of Saya from the anime Blood+.

Blood Plus - Saya's Vampire Hunting Sword

Blood+ - Saya's Vampire Hunting Sword

Now this sword had a very unique design. The blade is actually offset downwards from the handle just after the hilt, and there is an edge on the rear of the bade that extends over the dropped edge and up to the hilt. It is an interesting design, but there is a reason for this particular design feature. Saya is actually a full blown Chiroptera however her blood has the unique quality of being poisonous to other Chiroptera in the series.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of her sword, she cuts her thumb on the rear edge of the blade, and allows her blood to flow into the fuller running the length of the blade prior to a cut. This was to ensure that any cut on an opposing Chiroptera would be lethal.

In practice, this particular design feature would be unnecessary and detrimental. Introducing sharp blade displacements of that nature usually only weaken a blade. it would have made more sense for her to use a straight, double edged blade, and cut her thumb on the rear edge, and then lay her thumb on the side. It would have achieved the same effect and allowed for a stronger sword. But then again that is just the stupid dork in me picking apart a fictional sword from a fictional anime series.

In spite of it’s structural shortcomings, it is a very good looking blade, and the design is very futuristic. It would also have the advantage of allowing cuts slightly closer to the hilt of the blade than would have normally been easy to perform with a straight sword. All in all, a very cool and purposeful looking sword. Worthy of a vampire who… slays vampires… Ahem…

Sayas Sword – [True Swords]

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