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Another Funky Sword…

Friday, September 25th, 2009

I’ve seen my fare share of funky and freakish swords, so nothing surprises me any more, but I still have to ask myself how people come up with some of the designs I see. Like this one, for instance:

Dark Dragon Blade

Dark Dragon Blade

The loop, pommel, and black cylindrical grip is normal enough. Not great, but OK. As is the guard. Simple but effective. But then it all goes down hill from there.

I like black blades more than most, but this one looks like someone was sitting there, looking at the thorny stem of a rose, and thought to themselves… “Hey, this might make a good sword design…!” I mean seriously. Look at the point on it. Doesn’t exactly look like it was designed to be a thrusting weapon, that’s for sure. the reverse points kinda give that away.

And sure, this thing will cut, as the outer edge of each one of those “thorns” have been sharpened, but it won’t exactly allow you any long continuous cuts. just a series of short ones. Not exactly what you want out of a combat blade. Of course it may not be a combat blade. Who knows. But i’m pretty much positive this is from an anime, though I have no clue which.

If any of you do, please feel free to let me know. I’m curious to see where this came from. 🙂

Dark Dragon Blade – [True Swords]

A Long Arm Blade…

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Ok… so up until this point I’ve posted a lot of gun blades, blade guns, gun like blades, etc… Today I ran across something a little new. A rifle blade.

CSA Rifle Sword

CSA Rifle Sword

Now before you ask, no, it is not actually a working firearm. though it does look a whole lot like one. So this cannot technically be called a gunblade. Or a rifleblade, as it were. This is more like… a rifle-like sword. Or a sword cane. Or actually a sword rifle. Or whatever. Take your pick.

The important thing is that there’s a cool, almost 28″ blade, in what looks like an equally cool civil war rifle, when sheathed. Coolness all around. The grip of the sword is made to look like a working trigger group, firing mechanism and butt stock of a civil war rifle, while the sheath replicates the barrel of the rifle, complete with plunger.

A cool idea. Except for one thing. From a tactical standpoint, it kinda seems self defeating to disguise a sword as a rifle. Think about it. Disguising a sword as a cane gives you an advantage because you can hide the true power of your weapon. But this… Well, it’s like bringing a sword to a rifle fight. It may look cool, but you probably wouldn’t fare very well if push came to shove.

But I might just be over analyzing it a bit.

Either way it’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. So just ignore me. 🙂

CSA Rifle Sword – [True Swords]

A Cool Gamblin’ Gunblade.

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Today, per popular request, I thought I’d treat you to one of the sweetest gun blades I’ve ever come across. A very unique gun blade that is so cool in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin. So I guess I’ll start with a pic:

The High Roller

The High Roller - By Bruce Bump

Now *that* is a cool gunblade. Exactly *how* cool? Let me count the ways… 😀

First off, this piece of art is a study in beautiful black damascus steel. And my regulars will all know that black is a BIG plus in my book. This little knife is a beauty. A 5″ black damascus blade, that folds into a beautifully contoured black damascus grip, adorned with a set of sweet sambar stag horn scales. Just amazing.

The High Roller - Sans Pistol

The High Roller - Sans Pistol

And then we have the fully functional black powder muzzle loader pistol in .22. All in black, with beautifully done scrollwork along the length of the barrel and backstrap/grip.

The High Roller - Top

The High Roller - Top

Seriously, a black damascus folder, especially one like this, is a thing of beauty all by itself. But a black damascus folder attached to a black steel gun? That’s just too darn cool for school.

The High Roller - Grip

The High Roller - Grip

And as if that weren’t enough, the knife was made to stow in a beautiful book set, complete with black powder kit and a pair of elephant ivory dice to boot.

The High Roller - Book Safe

The High Roller - Book Safe

This, ladies and germs, is functional art. None of that “fantasy” garbage here, the knife is fully functional, the pistol is fully functional, and the whole thing is just an amazing amalgamation of art, sinister lines and beautiful darkness all put together to make a single, awesome kit of uncompromising WIN.

The High Roller - Pistol Barrel

The High Roller - Pistol Barrel

What more can I say? I’m not the gambling sort, but I’d certainly take it up if it gave me an excuse to carry something like this around… 😀

The High Roller by Bruce Bump – [Blade Gallery]

An Interesting Spirit Knife…

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

I recently came across an unusual blade design. Actually the design itself wasn’t so much unusual, as much as the way in which it was used.

SOG Fusion - Spirit Knife

SOG Fusion - Spirit Knife

The SOG spirit knife is essentially a small spear point blade, attached to a short handle. The handle is detachable, and the blade itself can then can be attached to a shaft, in order to make a spear. Or you can leave the handle on and use it as a small knife. They even suggest that it could be used as a throwing knife.

The short spear point design is unusual, but I can see the usefulness of the design. It would be work well as a small knife for fine detail work, such as carving whittling, and such. However as a survival tool, I think the design is too limiting. For instance, I can say, with a pretty high level of certainty, that I would not be throwing *any* of my valuable knives at anything, if I were in a self reliance scenario.

The same for using it as a spear. You can make 100 disposable spears and/or throwing implements with a single good knife. A good knife, on the other hand, is hard to make out in the field. The thing is, if you lose your knives, and you’re much more liable to  find yourself  in great big world o’ hurt. So that kind of rules out half of the proposed use cases for this design.

The other thing, as I’ve mentioned in past survival knife posts, is that I consider both detachable and folding blades a liability. Detachable/Folding = weak = easily broken or lost. I would much rather have a small, full tang knife for fine work, than something like this, that is liable to work loose, or break off even, and get lost somewhere.

So ultimately, at the end of the day this may be a good knife for casual outdoorsman stuff, but for a good self reliance/survival tool, I’d probably look elsewhere…

SOG Fusion Spirit knife – [True Swords]

A Killer Metal Scorpion

Friday, May 15th, 2009

A long while back I blogged about the continuing trend in the collectible blade industry of forging creatures of nature, both mythical and real, of steel. And of course, one of the more common forms of this form of art, for lack of a better word, is that of insects. Mean little critters too. Like black widow spiders. And wasps. and, of course, scorpions:

The Death Stalker

The Death Stalker

Yes. This, my friends. is a death stalker. Whatever that is. I really don’t know. But I can tell you what it looks like. A giant metal scorpion, designed to be worn on the arm, and intended to intimidate all but the most stalwart of heart.Or a suicidal underground, to-the-death cage fighter. Your choice.

It is actually quite an interesting design really. A new species. A metal plated hybrid scorpion. And I say a hybrid scorpion, because it looks like it has a cross between a vampire, a human and a violator (from Spawn, if you are curious)  for a head. This attached to a set of what looks like evil black steel claws that curve backwards into an evil forward pointing saw toothed edged back plate, sporting  an equally menacing, and deeply curving black stinger at the rear. All the better to spike you with.

And all of this appears to be riveted to what looks like a cast metal base to which a simple handle has been attached, so as to fool a prospective wearer that they might actually have control of this thing by grabbing the handle. The poor unsuspecting sap. I pity the fool who would dare try to wield this monstrosity. There will only be stings to be had. I can almost gaaa-ruun-teee it.

But at least you’d look good what getting clawed to death by your own arm weapon. Just don’t say nobody told you so… 🙂

Death Stalker – [True Swords]

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