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A Glorious Morning Star…

Monday, November 9th, 2009

And I’m not talking about a celestial body either… I’m talking a big ol’ heavy spiked ball on a shaft. In this case, almost 3ft of morning star, brought to my attention by a fellow DarkBlader who was trying to decide between this and a paltry mechanical pike. HAH! It’s like the ultimate no brainer! 😀 I mean, just look at this thing:

MEGA 35 Mace Club

MEGA 35 Mace Club

I posted before about maces, those rather wicked bludgeoning weapons of medieval ages, and this is one of the more… intriguing… types of mace, The Morning Star,  or the spiked mace, easily recognized by the spiked nature of the head of the club. As if clocking someone upside the head with a weighted club wasn’t bad enough!

Though there was a good reason to add spikes to the already rather effective mace. Armor. Simply put, a spike is the easiest way to concentrate all of the force of a strike from a mace into small a number of spots, making it an excellent weapon for puncturing armor. This was a darn sight better than a simple club, since I’m betting people found out early on that blunt trauma was just not quite as effective against a heavily armored opponent…

And this would certainly do the job. A black 9.5″ spiked ball, sporting 2.75″ spikes, siting atop a black steel shaft just tends to grab peoples attention. Even if the grip is wrapped in some kind of faux black leather. No matter how you look at it this is a magnificent rendition of the medieval morning star, 35 inches of polished black, and shiny spikey pain, just quietly waiting to bring some pain…

It’s just soo beautiful… 😀

Mega 35″ Mace Club – [King of Swords]

Persnickety splits…

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I like boot knives. I think they’re cool. They are small, fast, fairly sturdy (usually)  and best of all, easier to carry than most others. All great reasons to love boot knives. Especially if you actually wear boots. Though it is by no means a showstopper if you don’t. Lots of different leg, arm, chest, small of back, and belt carry solutions for these cool little knives.

But here’s something I don’t like; gimmicks. Like unnecessarily compromising a perfectly good blade for the sake of making it look “cool”. Dunno what I’m talking about? Here, let me show you:

Double Edged Combat Boot Knife

Double Edged Combat Boot Knife

Yes, this, ladies and germs is a so called “double edged” combat boot knife. I dunno. Lots of boot knives are double edged. This is more like double pointed. Double the pain? I doubt it. More like double the amount of effort to use this as a thrusting weapon. Ok, so that is a gross exaggeration, but when it comes to dagger points, two are generally *not* better than one.

And then there’s the issue of mechanical strength. Two smaller points, imho, are just two weaker points that will break faster than one larger, thicker point. But that could just be my tenuous understanding of physics/metallurgy at work. Who knows. All I’m sayin’ is, one mans cool is another mans DOH!

Me personally, I thought the design would have looked great without that split point. The all metal grip looks good, and the blade, had it been a single blade, would have had some awesome lines to it. The fork just kinda messes it all up for me.

But then again I don’t design knives for aesthetics over function…

Double Edged Combat Boot knife – [True Swords]

Yet Another Beautiful Dark Blade…

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

A fellow DarkBlader (Many apologies, I do not recall who) recently turned me on to this absolutely beautiful dark sword from the excellent Kult of Athena Site.



It is quite fittingly called the Blacksword.  And man… What a sword!!  There are few swords that truly capture the both the flash flaire of the many finely mirror polished swords out there today, while still being subtle, dark, understated and, most importantly, evil… and this is one of them.

The Blacksword is made by the outstanding Windlass Steelcrafts, and is an absolute work of art. 32.5″ of slim, dark, hyper blued, sinister steel, with a simple fuller running down it’s center, into a simple diamond flare at the ricasso. The hilt is equally charismatic, with a simple elegant, upward curving cross guard rising from the simple center shield-like emblem.

The spiral leather wrapped wood grip presents us with yet more sinister but oh so tempting darkness, bordered at each end by silver studded bands, and finishing at another equally simple pommel.  A simple, beautiful, dark, sinister but breathtakingly magnificent sword.

When I look at this sword, I think of the Drow, The dark elves of the Underdark. If your average, highly polished sword were a fair-skinned forest elf, this sword would be the light haired, dark skinned Drow equivalent.  I’ve probably said this before, but I wonder what it would be like to have a dark, beautiful Drow girlfriend. A dark irresistible beauty whom you knew could turn and plunge a knife through your heart at any moment, for any reason, but who was just too stunning to say no to.

Probably 7 circles of hell all wrapped up in a single Evil Drow Beauty…

Man… Evil can be soo tempting… o_O

The BlackSword by Windlass Steelcrafts – [Kult of Athena]

Bladed Dogfaced Knuckle Dusters…

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

A while back I happened to run into a rather cool little weapon on our forum, Exotic Automatic ( Thought today would be a good day to share…

Rob Dalton's Dogface

Rob Dalton's Dogface

I present to you the Dogface, by Rob Dalton. And an amazing piece of work, I might add. An OTF blade, attached to a unique grip, with integrated finger holes, and some rather evil looking spikes on the top to as well. Just wicked all around.

But the really cool thing I like about this blade is that, depending on how you look at it, it could be a combination of several different weapon designs all mashed into one. Can you guess what they are? Let’s play a little “Where’s Weapon Waldo…” 🙂

Dalton's Dogface OTF

Dalton's Dogface OTF

The first one should be obvious. It’s an OTF, or “out-the-front” automatic switchblade. It’s a fairly simple blade design, nothing too fancy, but certainly a nice design. OTFs are always cool. What you see next really depends on what kinds of weapons you prefer.

If you are the brawler type, you might see a knuckle duster and a pocket knife. If, on the other hand, you are the knife fighter, you might see a WWII trench styled knife, which combined the knuckle duster design with a fixed blade. Yet another knife design I’ve always liked. It’s all about the options…

Dalton's Dogface - Stainless Steel Finish

Dalton's Dogface - Stainless Steel Finish

Either way, this blade is just way freakin’ cool…

Rob Dalton’s Dogface OTF – [The Knife Auction]

Pen Knives and Cutting Edge Lipstick…

Monday, October 19th, 2009

While perusing the endless sea of knives on the internets, I came across this little accoutrement…

Lipstick Knife (Hawkbill II)

Lipstick Knife (Hawkbill II)

Yes indeed. A lipstick knife!  A cool little hawkbill blade,  with a serrated edge, concealed within a rather innocuous looking black and gold lipstick housing. Now hopefully this is a full tang construction, because weapons like these are notorious for losing their blades otherwise. the alternative is to never use it, and keep it only for emergencies, but what fun would that be? 🙂

Now being the male member of my species, I would not be caught dead with one of these things, however I could certainly see the appeal this might have for those of the female persuasion. This way, a lady could carry around a knife without making it obvious that she is carrying a blade on her person.

But never you fret guys, there is something here for you too:

Ink Pen Knife - Black Finish

Ink Pen Knife - Black Finish

Aha! Here we have an actual pen knife. A pen with a blade. Would you look at that! has a straight blade, as opposed to a hawkbill, but then again you have more room in a pen than a stick of lipstick for a blade. And of course the ladies can use this too. And for the fashion concious among you, this also comes in black and gold, with a serrated edge, just like the lipstick:

Ink Pen Knife Black and Gold - Serrated Edge

Ink Pen Knife Black and Gold - Serrated Edge

Again, the warning against hard use stands. Because most ink pen knives are generally designed to also retain a functional pen, they do usually have an ink tube (albeit a shortened one), and can therefore not usually a full tang construction. Those desgined this way will generally do not hold up to daily use. So again, only use them when necessary.

I only have one other caution. Please don’t get one of these and decide to go James Bond/Emma Frost on anyone. You may not like the consequences.

Trust me.

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