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Side Arm Bayonets?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

So looky here at what I found…

LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet System

LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet System

Yeah… A pistol bayonet. A little itty bitty bayonet. For the pistol with an inferiority complex. Pistol looks like its a Taurus. And here I thought bulls were supposed to have two horns. Maybe it’s moonlighting as a unicorn. (Hehehe… You see what I did there? Taurus=Bull bayonet=horn… Man… I slay me… heh… <crickets chirping> Pffft… Ok, whatever…)

Ok so it’s a mini bayonet kit for a handgun. It should supposedly work with any handgun with a bottom rail designed to carry a laser or a flashlight.Now it seems like a good idea, except I can’t really think of any other reason to have a small knife actually on your side arm. It seems to me it would make more sense to just bring a good regular sized knife along and break that out when needed. Or am I missing something?

For zombies perhaps? Naw. Too small. Wouldn’t be the best defense against zombies. So zombie survival kit attachment is out. Maybe it’s for weapons that are trying to work on self identity issues. Side arms that think they are rifles maybe? Eh, what do I know. I’m just shooting in the dark here.

Probably because there is supposed to be a tactical flashlight attached in the very spot where a little skinning knife now sits. LOL… Eh… sigh…

Ok I’ll stop now. Talk amongst yourselves…

LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet System with Mini Ka-Bar Knife – [True Swords]

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