Given the rant I went on my last post, I thought it quite appropriate that i should happen to run into the following blade while browsing through some of the pics I had in my archives:

Paratrax Bowie

Paratrax Bowie

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IMHO this is, a more practical example of a multi function blade. While it retains a good amount of flexibility, it has a basic design focus, and does not deviate very far from it’s origins. At heart, this is still a bowie knife, and it shows.

I will admit that this is a different kind of weapon intended for a different purpose than the last one posted about. However I think this one fulfills it’s niche in a much better fashion. It incorporates the saw blade spine like the last one, a serviceable point (this point design is not the best, but is still only a minor weakness) a deep belly for chopping and skinning, and a straight edge section of blade for cutting and so on. And all of this while still retaining the trademark bowie blade heavy design.

Not only that, but the grip is actually a much more ergonomic than the last, and this comes with a secondary little utility blade. Minor points, I know, but it all adds up. The point is, as a general purpose utility/survival blade, this fulfills it’s role much better than the hacked machete of my last post.

Ok, it’s spent rant nap time for me… 🙂

Paratrax Bowie – [True Swords]