I have for you today a product of marketing hype. Specifically, a throwing axe. But this throwing axe is not ordinary throwing axe. It is an “8 point” “Shuriken” style head throwing axe. Now you might be saying to yourself “Wow! 8 points! It must stick real easy!” But the reality of it is not as you might imagine. In fact I take issue with the presumed effectiveness of the advertised “8 points”. And shortly, I’ll tell you why. Here is the throwing axe in question:

Astro "8 Point" Throwing Axe

Astro "8 Point" Throwing Axe

Now look at the head of this axe, keeping in mind that this unusual design is most likely intended to improve it’s sticking ability. Does something strike you as off? The keen eyed will notice that the 4 inner points are actually well below the contact line between any one of two outer points with each other and/or the handle. This means that for all intents and purposes, except for some particularly deeply penetrating throws, none of those internal points will have much effect on your ability to make this axe “stick”.

Now the even more astute among you will notice that of the four large points, one is safely and soundly ensconced inside the handle!! Whaa!?!? Ok, now I’m no physicist, but I’m fairly certain that a point on any throwing implement that is surrounded on all sides by flat steel surfaces will not contribute to said implements ability to penetrate any given target object. Call me crazy. But there it is.

But there is an important point to my dissertation. And that is that the net effect of all of this is that out of the touted 8 points, only 3, (Yeah, count ’em, only THREE) will play any kind of major role in determining the stickiness of this throwing axe. That makes this axe a *whopping* (LOL) one point better than your standard single bladed throwing axe.

Now this may look cool, but me personally, seeing as the whole points thing is likely just marketing hype, with no real functional advantage, I much prefer the appearance of a single or double bladed axe over this undecided cross between a shuriken and a throwing knife. However that’s just me. I will be sure to show you examples of what I think a well designed throwing axe is supposed to look like in a future post.

Astro 8 Point Throwing Axe – [True Swords]