Went roaming the old haunts today (as usual), and ran across a sword that I always intended to write about, but never actually did.

The Sword of Oni

The Sword of Oni
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This sword is from the video game, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, and is a single reproduction the pair of swords used by the games protagonist, Samanosuke Akechi. What really caught my eye about this sword were the colors used, and how they were used to bring a great deal of contrast to the weapon. The bright orange and black makes the sword look kind of tiger-like, A feature that is always a big plus in my book.

And the theme of the clawed cross guard and bright orange accent on the rear of the ricasso is quite eye catching. However, for all of it’s great flashiness, I found several things to nitpick about it. First off, the tip is somewhat lacking. Rather than have a good solid tanto point, it kind of has a shallow, almost flat bladed tip to it. This would definitely not be the best thrusting weapon.

In fact this general softening of the edges and points has been done all over the sword. The points on the front and rear of the ricasso at the point where it transitions to the blade, has been smoothed out somewhat. And the claw motif of the guard has also been given the same treatment, looking more like cones, than curving, sharp, menacing, talons.

In addition to that, though I thought that, though the colors certainly popped, I felt that the sword should really be a much darker weapon than is portrayed in the reproduction. The bright oranges should have been black or some other dark color. In essence, the sword was kinda “nerfed” (as we say in gaming parlance), by the designer.

Perhaps It is unfair to compare it to game art, but since they did have that model to work with, it should have been possible to get it that much closer to what it the swords in the accompanying picture looked like. That’s not to say that the sword is bad. As i said before, the overall theme is great, and quite vibrant. And many of it’s characteristics are reminiscent of the Reaver sword, which I really like.

So long as you’re not hung up on video game accuracy, like the nerd that I am, this should make for a great addition to anybodys’ sword wall… Even if I think it would have been uncompromisingly cool if it had been made with black accents instead… Yes I know I say that about everything, but come on. This time it would really make a difference. No, really. An albino tiger theme… with black accents… Yeah… Think about it…

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