As you’ve probably picked up, I am a big gamer. Not so much console games as much PC games, but a gamer nonetheless, and every now and then I run into a game on the console that I find quite interesting. Devil May Cry was one such game. Partially because I’ve never met a hero who was equally well versed in the use of both both swords and firearms that I didn’t like.

Dante is one such hero. As is Morpheus. And many others. But I digress.

This post is about a weapon that is supposedly from one of the Devil May Cry games. I haven’t played them all, but apparently the interesting little piece of artsy steel below is from the game:

Nero's Red Queen Sword from Devil May Cry

Nero's Red Queen Sword from Devil May Cry

Quite an interesting design. A queens sword. A *red* queens sword. Ok…

So I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what these names are supposed to mean. Especially for RPG weapons. For instance, does this mean that this sword belonged to a Red Queen? Or that the sword is red, and it belonged to a Queen. Or is the Queen just another name for the class of sword, Kind of like the Masamune? Or is the class actually the “Red Queen” class, and this sword belongs to it, and the fact that it just happens to have a red grip is purely coincidental…?

Ok… I can see I will get nowhere this way. Lets get back on track shall we?

So this is supposed to be Nero’s sword from the game Devil May Cry 4. Dunno, haven’t played it, so I cannot verify. But I can verify that it is a rather funky design. Not that pretty much almost every sword in the Devil May Cry franchise was a funky design, but I guess… Oh never mind.

Nero's Red Queen Sword - Hilt

Nero's Red Queen Sword - Hilt

This particular example of the steel funk has a dark red, almost Scarlet grip, with a silver pommel and guard. Quite an interesting little bent wire looking thing. The ricasso is equally weird, with a large splotchy red and black inserts with a simple vine pattern on it. The blade is equally funky, starting from a mutant clip point with a shelf.

The spine is fairly normal up to the ricasso piece, but the edge runs all the way down to the guard, where the blade seems to suddenly make an abrupt turn to go grab some french fries…

Wait… what?

Ok, that’s it… you can look at the pics. I’m leaving before my RPG weapon befuddlement reaches epic levels…

Nero’s Red Queen Sword from Devil May Cry 4 – [True Swords]