Some of you may remember a scene from the movie “Crocodile Dundee” where the protagonist, Mick Dundee and his love interest Sue, are confronted by a switchblade wielding thug an his friends. His lady friend, understandably scared, asks Mick to give up his wallet. Looking rather amused at the muggers diminutive blade, he starts to chuckle, saying “That’s not a knife…” And then, pulling out a great big honking bowie knife he says… “Now That’s a knife!” at which point he begins slicing up the muggers jacket with it’s razor sharp blade. Of course at this point the mugger and his faithful buddies begin to see reason and flee for their lives…

That scene is perhaps my favorite part of the whole movie. Both for Mick Dundees nonchalant attitude throughout the encounter, as well as the humongous blade he carried with him. A bowie knife. Much like this one:

Big Bowie Peacemaker

Big Bowie Peacemaker

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Now when I saw this blade, (and the name) that scene from Crocodile Dundee was the first thing that popped into my head. Both because big ol bowie knives are cool, and also because, in the right hands, they can definitely be used as peacmakers, as Mick Dundee aptly demonstrated… lol…

I will admit, that I thought Micks blade was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than this one, but, I thought I’d post this one just for the sheer cool factor of posting a big, well constructed blade. This is a full tang bowie, which would make it super strong, and on this bowie, the tang extends past the scales, which would make it a great impact tool, and is slotted to provide an attachment point for a lanyard, should you of a mind to need one, or just for opening your beers while in the outback…

The blade itself is fairly simple, with a thick spine with a milled depression in the spine just above the grip for added thumb grip and support, and a drop point. Unlike a traditional bowie, this blade does not have the simple straight cross guard, but rather a small finger guard milled into the blade profile. And finally the simple scales are pinned to the full tang with a set of brass pins, with two smaller pins between, and ten more pins used in a five point star pattern around each main pin for both additional support and aesthetic style.

All in all a great bowie knife. Great for chopping, cutting and even throwing, should you be so brave. In fact, if you are gonna carry a bowie, might as well learn how to throw one. His skill with his bowie knife saved Mick Dundee’s hide on quite a few occasions… 🙂

Big Bowie Peacemaker – [True Swords]