In keeping with the theme of dual hand weapons, I thought I’d talk about another weapon, much closer in form to the infamous “Twin Dragon” blades I talked about, but much much more practical:

Lunar Twins

Lunar Twin Blades
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Now these blades certainly aren’t as flashy or stylish as the Twin Dragon blades. But what they lack in style, they more than make up for in practicality, an area that the twin blades were severely deficient in.

The general design of this weapon really has few shortcomings. It consists of a pair of forward facing blades, connected by the leather wrapped handle with a generous guard across the grip. Basically, it is the equivalent of carrying two knives, one in a hammer and one in a reverse grip, in each hand. I can see several advantages to this design.

You get the benefit of reach from the top blade, but do not have to sacrifice really close quarters power, as you have the reverse blade below to leverage when necessary. And it’s all capped of by a rather wide knuckle guard, which looks like it could easily do double duty as a knuckle duster. Very simple. Very effective.

*Edit* Another point I forgot to mention was the guards on these are both emblazoned with a very subtle dragon motif! This weapon actually deserves the title of Twin Dragon. Much more than the others I blogged about. And even though I’m not a big fan of extended trinomial nomenclatures, I’d even be okay with calling these “Lunar Twin Dragon Blades”…

Proof that keeping it simple actually works.

Lunar Twins – [Collectors Edge]