And one of my very first Blogs. As this is a new experience for me (on many levels) I would appreciate it if you would forgive any glaring faux pas on my part and give the newbie a break. 🙂 That said, Let The Blogging Commence!!

One of my favorite hobbies is weapons. Bladed weapons, to be precise. I love the way they look, how they sound, and the heft and balance of a well designed and constructed blade. In this blog I will be exploring a specific (and also one of my favorite) subsection of bladed weapon types. The dark, or “stealth” blade.

These blades are often less popular than their shiny, flashy, polished steel brethren, often made of a black, damascus, multi-layered or other dark colored alloy steel. Sometimes they are painted or powder coated. They may even be sporting the carbon black finish of freshly forged steel. But they hold a special place in my heart, often for their sheer simplicity, the spartanesque nature of their design or for the darkness of their aesthetics.

Hopefully I won’t bore you with my endless raving over random slabs of dark metal… : )