Welcome to 2008. You made it. We all made it. We haven’t blown it all up.  At least not yet. But at least we are here today to talk about it. Or in my case, blog about it. So I suppose I have to do something corny, like a new years resolution or something. Whatever.

Well I’ll start by saying I might be experimenting with a new site design. Whoopee!…. *crickets chirping* Ok. Big Whup. I get it. Well,OK, how about this. I’m going to expand my blogging topics. AHA! that got your attention didn’t it!? “Expand”? Whaddyamean? OK.

Well I’m going to talk about a few other kinds of weapons, not just bladed ones. Blades will still be my bread and butter, but every now and then I run into some other types of weapons that I still think are cool. Normally I’d just file them away somewhere, but I think I’m going to start posting a few of them every now and then. Just for fun.

Maybe add a little variety and spice to the blog. Or add little more humor. Who knows. We will see. The year is young yet… 😀