As I mentioned in a previous post, it appears that everyone has been jonesin’ for for Wolverine claws, prolly as a result of the X-men movies. Now believe you me, I am as much of a fan of Wolverine as the next X-crazed fanboi/babe, but I recently ran into a set of favorite old blades that I thought I’d share, to remind you that there are other, equally interesting (read “sinister”) claws in Hollywood history.

This particular set could easily have qualified as the most terrifying claws ever to hit horror moviedom. And they were probably just as cool as Wolverines, even though they did not retract. Allow me to (re)introduce you to the hand claws of a classic nightmare, Freddy Kreuger.

Freddies Claws

Freddies Claws

Now any of you who have seen the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies will recognize the iconic ground-down straight razor equipped working gloves used by the infamous child-killing, wise-cracking dream killer Freddy Krueger.

Back when the movie first came out, it was sheer genius, because, unlike most other movies, it went into one of the few places that we always tell ourselves we can escape from if it gets too hairy. Our dreams. This movies transformed your average run-of-the-mill bad dream, into something in which you could suffer horrible torment, gruesome deaths and very well never wake up from. A true Nightmare. With a capital “N”. Or should it be “M”. Whatever.

Anyway the stars of the show, for me at least, (second only to Freddy himself) were always the blades. I loved those sinister razor blades. They always stole the show. In reality however, they prolly wouldn’t be as efficient as they are made out to be in the movies. Finger mounted blades are generally the least effective weapons. You are kinda really limited by the strength of your fingers.

At least compared to knives or swords. Or Tekko-Kagi. Some of the moves Freddy Kreuger performed with those glove blades of his would have been more apt to break a persons fingers in real life. But then again the design was intended to generate fear, not necessarily to be the most effective killing tool.

But that is not to say that they couldn’t be lethal. There is some evidence to suggest that Kuniochi used similar weapons (albeit much smaller versions ) called Neko-te. Which, I believe, were essentially the same thing, except they were claws attached to the fingers. I doubt they were effective for killing though, unless tipped with poison.

Nonetheless I always thought that one day I would make a pair of gloves just like these. And now it seems that I won’t have to. Though I’m still conflicted. It might be more fun to just make a pair myself… Mua ha ha ha ha….! Sleep much lately?

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