Today we are going to be taking a look at another interesting sword. Interesting both because of what it was called on the site I found it on, and also because of it’s overall design. I give you:

Secret Agent Sword

Secret Agent Sword

OK, I will admit that this is a very cool looking sword. Just look at it. It has everything a secret agent might need. It is has a stealthy black finish, two different edge types, a serrated edge for sawing action, and a straight edge for cutting soft targets, it’s got a wickedly sharp point, and a saw tooth section on the spine for who knows what. It has a slot in the cord wrapped handle for a lanyard, and it’s even got futuristic cut outs in the middle. It certainly looks the part of a secret agents weapon. I’d buy one.

Only one problem. No disrespect to any secret agent who also happens to be a ninja, but if you are a secret agent who would carry something like this around, you are probably not playing with a full deck. What kind of secret agent would be able to keep their cover while lugging this monstrosity around? A cosplay convention spy? I don’t think they’d even let you in with it! An assassin or hit man, maybe, but I’m sure even they would prefer a rifle from a distance or a hand gun at close range over this. But for a secret agent, carrying this thing around would be kind of an anathema to the whole secrecy thing don’tcha think?

Nonetheless, silly marketing high induced naming aside, this sword certainly looks like it means business, and I’d certainly not hesitate to make space for it on my wall…

The Secret Agent Sword – [True Swords]