I ran across an interesting variation of “twin swords” recently. A set of twin swords that shared a rather shikomizuesque quality…

Super Twin Swords

Super Twin Sword Combo
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As you can see this sword is unique in that it is a set of matching swords, each designed to use the others grip as a scabbard, and when sheathed, they form a single staff. I actually know of one other weapon that operates in a similar manner, and is even closer in design to traditional shikomizue, but that is for another post.

The interesting thing about this weapon is that you can also join both swords together at the pommel to form a double edged short staff. This gives this weapon a rather large amount of flexibility in the number of different ways it can be used. Assuming, of course, that the connection mechanism is sufficiently sturdy (which is doubtful, given the short dimensions of the pommel connectors.)

They could be used individually, connected at the pommel as a double bladed staff, or fully sheathed, as a short staff or impact weapon. And the aesthetics aren’t too shabby either. the grips of each sword is finished in a gray on black scale pattern, with polished accents on the pommel and hilt. Overall a very simple and elegant look.

I like multi-form weapons like these. They are like really large swiss army knives…

 Super Twin Sword Set – [True Swords]