Ok today I thought I’d talk rant about yet another fantasy weapon that makes no sense:

Fantasy Battle Axe

Fantasy Battle Axe
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OK, I’ll be the first to admit that this thing looks cool. The two blades are actually very sinister in appearance, and just lend the weapon an overall meanness that I like. However this looks to me like it would work better at the end of a spear shaft, than as an Axe…

So here’s my question, is it just me, or does the picture indicate that the blades on this thing rotate freely around a central shaft? Rotating blades? Are you serious? Do the actually want to be able to cut with this? Oh, my bad, I guess they don’t. Because it’s a fantasy weapon. And we all know that fantasy weapons are only allowed to inflict fantasy wounds…

And just to confirm that I’m not on crazy pills or anything, does this weapon look like an axe to you? Yeah, huh, no. OK. I thought not. Cause it isn’t an axe. It’s an double bladed bowie. That’s what it is. Not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “Fantasy Axe”.

Ok, maybe by a really great stretch of the imagination, but that would really be stretching it. Come on people, slapping the “Fantasy” label on a weapon does not give you license to come up with any stupid weapon design and slap the name of a completely different weapon design on it

And if you believe it does, I happen to have a “Fantasy Crown” I’d like you, and all of these other marketing folk, to try on. It’s made of razor wire dipped in cyanide, but hey a regal “Fantasy Crown” should be a well deserved reward for you “fantasy designers”… 🙂

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