I’ve seen my fare share of funky and freakish swords, so nothing surprises me any more, but I still have to ask myself how people come up with some of the designs I see. Like this one, for instance:

Dark Dragon Blade

Dark Dragon Blade

The loop, pommel, and black cylindrical grip is normal enough. Not great, but OK. As is the guard. Simple but effective. But then it all goes down hill from there.

I like black blades more than most, but this one looks like someone was sitting there, looking at the thorny stem of a rose, and thought to themselves… “Hey, this might make a good sword design…!” I mean seriously. Look at the point on it. Doesn’t exactly look like it was designed to be a thrusting weapon, that’s for sure. the reverse points kinda give that away.

And sure, this thing will cut, as the outer edge of each one of those “thorns” have been sharpened, but it won’t exactly allow you any long continuous cuts. just a series of short ones. Not exactly what you want out of a combat blade. Of course it may not be a combat blade. Who knows. But i’m pretty much positive this is from an anime, though I have no clue which.

If any of you do, please feel free to let me know. I’m curious to see where this came from. 🙂

Dark Dragon Blade – [True Swords]