I am a big fan of computer games. My favorites are first person shooters. I like testing my reflexes and cunning against others on-line. Only one problem though. There are very few sword-based FPS games. RPG (Role Playing Games) such as WOW (World Of Warcraft), on the other hand, often have a dizzying plethora of bladed weapons from which to choose.

Axes, Swords, Knives, Spears, you name it, they have it. And given my love of variety in weaponry, I have more than once asked myself whether I was playing the wrong type of game. But after about an hour of walking around hacking away at peons, I’m quickly reminded why I don’t. They bore the living daylights outta me!!!

However, they are great fodder for creative weapon designers, as the Final Fantasy line of Busters and Gunblades has proven. And here is yet another entry in the video game weaponry arsenal:

Gaerts Sword

Gaerts Sword
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Gaert is a character from the CORPG (Competitive/Cooperative Online Role-Playing Game) Guild Wars. And this is his sword. And what a sword. I think the thing I like most about it is it’s brute, raw, almost animalistic appearance. The blade has a rather wicked, organic shape to it, with a mean looking hook just before the point.

The grip has a criss crossed pattern, across it’s length, with a broad sweeping beak-like guard, and a similar birds head/beak theme for the pommel. At first glance I couldn’t really tell why i liked this sword so much, but after describing it, I think I have an idea. It looks like a great big bird of prey, rendered in cold, hard steel. I love these things…


A reader pointed out in the comments that this sword has nothing to do with Guild wars. After a little research, I found out, sure enough, that There was no such character as “Gaert” in the Guild Wars game, and this sword was a figment of an overenthusiastic sword designers imagination. While I’ll give the designer props for designing a a really cool sword, I am not impressed. This is not the first time that I have run into swords bearing references to game or movie characters they had absolutely nothing to do with. And I’m sure it won’t be the last.

However I do have a few choice words to say to all you sword designers who like to make a blade and then slap whatever unrelated but popular name you can think of on it in order to boost your sales: You suck like 3 month old rocky mountain oysters. There.

*end update*

Gaerts Sword – [Red Dragon Sword Co.]