This time around, we get a look at a very unique, and interesting sword. The sword used by Milla Jovovich‘s character Violet in the movie Ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet - Violets Sword

Ultraviolet - Violets Sword

This sword is unique on many levels. Where to begin. Well first off, unlike the ostensible simplicity of the Uruk-Hai Scimitar I blogged about many moons ago, this sword is truly very simple in design. Possibly one of the simplest blades I have blogged about so far. No complex curves, apart perhaps, for the pommel, which is itself simplicity manifest. No guards or other major structural adornments. Nada. Apart from the pommel and the engravings on the blade, this is, more or less, a simple steel bar with sharpened edges.

This basic simplicity incorporates two very unique design features rarely found in swords. First, and most notably, there is not point, unless you want to call the corners at the edge of the tip points. There are truly actually 3 edges on this sword. Two on each side, and one on the tip. Very unusual. This does have some ramifications from a combat prespective. This would not be a particularly good thrusting weapon. Though the wide flat tip has an edge, it appears too broad to penetrate anything but soft targets, and would be easily repelled even by bones and such, unless it was used like a chisel, which, needless to say, is not an effective sword fighting strategy.

The second unusual design feature is the wide, semi-elliptical pommel, with an identically shaped lanyard hole, which is where the butt end of the simple, black, leather wrapped handle terminates. It is perhaps intended to be used as a striking surface as well as a tactile indicator of the location of the end of the otherwise simple handle. Were it not for this design feature, I think this would have qualified as the simplest combat sword I have ever seen, although from a practical perspective, a Tantō point would have been both an equally simple and infinitely better solution than the straight 90° flat tip it ended up with.

Though the opportunity to showcase a very good point was wasted in this design, (you should all know by now how much I like points) It is still quite an attractive weapon. Much like it’s wielder. Though, as a side note, from both a practical and aesthetic perspective, (meaning no offense to either blade, actress or her fans), I personally feel they might both have been even more lethally attractive with a few more curves… But that could just be my inner troglodyte talking… (And no flaming please, my skin is already alight with them, so it won’t do you any good…)

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