I ran into this interesting (read “eclectic”) Axe not too long ago:

Tribal Dragon Fantasy Axe

Tribale Dragon Fantasy Axe
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I found this axe interesting for several reasons. First there is the rather ornate dragon design of the handle. The handle basically consists of a dragon head butt cap, with a kind of coral-like pattern on the grip itself, topped off with with what looks like the dragons tail wrapped around the top of the handle.

But even more intriguing was the design of the axe head. Lots of wicked points and cut outs to make it appropriately menacing. But most curious was that the overall design seems to be an eclectic combination of contemporary and old fashioned styles.

Look at the white print on the blade, for instance. There are two distinct designs at work here. There is a tribal marking on the shaft of the axe head, whilst there is a more contemporary skull and cap with two medieval crossed axes behind it. And then there is the design of the axe head itself. I like it, but it appears to be a fusion of medieval and contemporary lines.

Throw the dragon handle motif into the mix, and you can see where it got it’s name from. “Tribal Dragon Fantasy” axe. Tribal Axe, OK. Fantasy Axe, cool. Fantasy Tribal axe, Sure, why not. But Tribal Dragon? Whenever has anyone seen a “tribal dragon”, except perhaps in the designers fantasies? What makes this even more senseless is the fact that I think the dragon motif could have carried the weapon nicely all by itself. No need for contemporary tribal fantasies at all.

In my oh-so-humble opinion, the designer was either smoking a controlled substance, or marketing was running out of ideas. If it had been me, I’d have just stripped it all down and powder coated the whole thing black. All the other print was entirely unnecessary. I’m sure the dragon would have thanked me for it…

Tribal Dragon Fantasy Axe – [True Swords]