Yet another wicked Axe deigned to cross my screen recently:

Albion Spiked Axe of Valor

Albion Spiked Axe of Valor
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Now this is one cool and wicked looking axe. This axe is an interesting study in nuances, because although there are many axes to conform to the basic “axe head on one side, spike on the other”, configuration, this one stands out. Perhaps it’s not so much the general configuration, as much as the lines and the color scheme that I find so very cool.

To start off with, this axe, much like a previous axe I blogged about, uses a three tone color scheme. It has a combination of gold and silver accents to set off the black blade and handle. And while I’m not specifically into “bling” per se, this is a combination really really like. Both the axe head/butt are finished of with silver, while the handle gets two bands of gold, one at the transition between the head and the grip, and another midway down the handle.

But perhaps what is coolest is the axe head. Unlike traditional axes, this one has a head whose surface area is smaller than most. However despite the lack of a massive axe cheek, it still maintains the same edge area as a traditional battle axe head. The cheek is adorned with small spikes above and below, and the aggressive curve of the axe blade, to absolutely sinister points at the top and bottom is just sweet.

The spike side does not fail to disappoint, with a similar set of rearward facing spikes above and below the large central and quite intimidating spike. Definitely an effective armor piercing weapon. In fact I can just see armor cringing at the sight of this thing. It’s that evil. So evil, in fact, that if you ever took it into battle, you wouldn’t even have to swing it… 🙂

Albion Spiked Axe of Valor – [True Swords]