OK, I just had to show you this rather unusual… well, let’s just call it a “designer weapon”. It is basically a forearm mounted blade in the shape of a winged Dragon. Yep. You read right. A wearable Dragon Blade. Who would a thunk it. Certainly not I. Take a gander:

Flying Dragon Claw

Flying Dragon Claw

Now this is certainly a unique, if rather impractical, weapon. From it’s design it would obviously only be useful at very close range, (obviously) and probably more for blocking another blade than for actually inflicting any damage. Unless you used the tail blade (which, coincidentally, is removable) as a dagger of sorts. And even that doesn’t have the best grip design I’ve ever seen either. Ok, so it’s more of a conversation piece than a weapon, but oh my, what a conversation piece it is!

Notwithstanding my love of dragons, this is certainly a beautifully designed piece of faux weaponry art. The dragon design itself is pretty sweet. From it’s large black bat-like wings to it’s severely bladed ears, and even to the removable push dagger tail design, it all speaks to a level f detail and aesthetics that are impressive to say the least. The outstretched hind claws just add that last finishing touch to the entire design that makes it a work of art.

Truth be told, however, I didn’t really see the need to turn the wings ears or tails into blades. I honestly think the general design would have stood on it’s own merits as a metal sculpture. But what do I know. I’m not the “artiste” type. But there it is.

Flying Dragon Claw – [True Swords]