The aesthetically cool, but seriously flawed, Twin Dragon Blades I posted about recently reminded me of a much simpler, but considerably more practical weapon from a cool movie I watched a while back. This weapon was used by an equally unique character. Which, given the nature of the movie, may not be saying much. I am talking about the sword used by a character called Kroenen, from another comic-book turned movie Hellboy:

The Sword of Kroenen

The Sword Of Kroenen
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In the movie version of the Hellboy saga, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, was a Nazi assassin who, obsessed with witchcraft, mechanics and surgery, had turned himself into what I can only describe as an un-dead cybernetic organism. Essentially a killer cyborg zombie. Hey. These things happen ya know…

Anyway one of the tools of his trade with which he showed a remarkable ability was a pair of swords that looked like bladed versions of the Japanese tonfa. If you’ve ever seen police batons with the side handle, you are essentially looking at a fancy modern tonfa. And if you replace everything but the side handle with a razor sharp steel blade, Voila! You’ll have Kroenens lethal sword.

The thing is, tonfa are immensely effective and versatile impact weapons in thier own right. Even without blades. Replacing the impact surfaces with blades actually adds a dimension of deadliness to them that I found appropriately menacing, and absolutely perfect for this particular character. I love it! And the beauty of it is that this is a very, very simple weapon.

The sword has a simple, double edged, double pointed blade. The black, wire-wrapped handle is pinned to the blade, with gold accents in the pommel and at the attachment point. The handle is has a generous swell in the middle, which, in all likelihood would provide for much more control over the movement and/or swiveling of the blade, especially if it is used in the traditional tonfa style.

I also imagine that one might have to develop a new combat style in order to wield this, as traditional tonfa or sword methodology wouldn’t exactly work the same, since tonfas have no blades and can be gripped anywhere along it’s length, and swords do have blades, but they aren’t usually at right angles to the grip.

Even more noteworthy, is that this design has the added benefit of being both a close quarters as well as a distance weapon. By swinging the blade around, and allowing the grip to rotate 180° in your hand, you have access to both a long blade and a short one. It’s genius. And simply beautiful. Why is it that the psychotic evil assassins always get all the cool toys?

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