Guess what I ran into! A knife. But not just any knife, a Terminator knife! Now obviously, this knife is either inspired by or from the new Terminator: Salvation movie Starring Christian Bale. I thought I’d go ahead and post about this knife now, because I have not watched the movie yet, and if it turns out that the movie does not have this knife, this post would automatically become a rant, since that is, of course, one of my pet peeves.

So here we go:

Terminator Salvation Neck Knife

Terminator Salvation Neck Knife

OK, so I just checked, and the site I found it on, claims that it comes with a certificate, so I can only presume it is licensed from the movie. Rant averted! (I hope! We’ll see after I watch the movie. 🙂 ) Anyway, I have just one word to describe this knife. Beefy. Beefy blade, Beefy scales, beefy edge grind, beefy point, the whole thing looks like whoever designed it was trying desperately to grind as little material off the steel as possible.

But I love the result. A set of cool black G-10 scales sandwich a flat black full tang blade, with an interesting choil like pattern that is only mildly echoed by the blade itself. Above the grip the blade angles downward slightly, the thick spine coming to an abrupt clip point to meet the upward curving edge emblazoned with the “Terminator Salvation” logo.

I’m not really a big fan of the blatant branding, but from a practical standpoint the design should be very strong. And this is not a small knife by any means, at 8″ long with a 3.6″ blade, it would make a very good general purpose blade, an take a lot of abuse.

But, of course, therein lies a paradox. If you had a certified collectors edition of a movie knife, would you want to subject it to any abuse? Or would you just put it into a glass case, set it up on your mantle, and admire it from a distance? Nowadays I find myself becoming more and more conflicted about buying genuine collectors knives. In my mind, knives are made to be used, not worshipped…

It always seems like a waste to let a perfectly good knife just sit on the wall… But if you’re into that sort of thing… 😀

Terminator Salvation Neck Knife – [True Swords]