I don’t know if any of you saw this, but there was a recent article in the news about a Lebanon, Ind. woman who accidentally ran her foot through with a sword during a Wiccan good luck ceremony at a local cemetery.

Now I suppose sword injuries are an occupational hazard if your religious beliefs (or hobbies) involves a lot of sword play or even just frequent handling, so I can see how this could happen. In fact I know people who have had similar misfortunes, including a friends somewhat recent incident… (You know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

But here’s the thing. Though I’m not normally one to laugh at anothers misfortune, but I have to admit I find the whole idea of “running ones foot through” a little funny. It’s just one of those weird kind of accidents that when I read about I get this picture of the Three Stooges, or Laurel and Hardy in my mind and I can’t help but grin.

Yes, I’ve cut myself on numerous occasions. I have yet to completely impale a foot, (at least not with a sword) but have done equally dumb things to my hands and feet, legs, arms, etc. So it’s not like I can’t sympathise on the pain of having a blade turn on someone. It’s just that, most of the time when they have turned on me in the past, it was because I was being a dumb-ass, and they got tired of having to deal with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just still laugh at myself when I remember the stupidity of these incidents. You know, it’s like a cartoon boulder falling on Wiley Coyote. After he’s been blown up by his own rocket. In real life I suppose it’s not supposed to be so funny, but in the toons… Ok, so I’m possibly a really jacked up individual. Maybe. Most likely. Whatever. I never claimed to be normal. So there!

But back to the blade at hand, I thought it interesting that less than a day before I read this article, I ran into an interesting sword on a UK site called Witchcraft Ltd. The timing…? Creepy… Check these out:

[Click to view full size]


[click image to view full size]

Ah, now ain’t it a beaut? This sword is hand forged by Wayland forge for Witchcraft Ltd. specifically for things like Wiccan ceremonies and stuff. And while it lacks some of the flash, finish and glam of it’s more commercial counterparts, it is exactly the kind of sword i like to see.

This Ram sword, so called ostensibly because of the double ram horn shaped pommel, is a study in sword simplicity and elegance. I would almost say it’s a no frills sword, except that it isn’t. The blade has an excellent profile, with smooth but subtle curves and the two interesting curlicues on the spine.

The simple unfinished grip curves up and into the rams head at the pommel. And that’s it. So simple, but so very engaging. Here’s another one:

Spiral Path

Spiral Path

[click image to view full size]

Another similarly designed but very interesting sword. Spiral path carries the same simple finish, but an even more aggressive blade profile, carrying the same two curlicues on the spine of the blade, but with a deeper, almost scimitar-like curve starting half way to the tip of the blade.

And, as it’s name aptly describes, a simple slightly contoured but unfinished grip rolls neatly into a tight coil at the pommel. Simple but beautiful. And these are not so much the sinister lines I usually prefer, as much as elegant and organic. It’s interesting how much character such a simple sword can have.

That’s not to say these are without any deficiencies. From my perspective, these really do need a proper grip, with either scales, or a wrap, as well as a good guard. I think these are definitely a necessity for a good sword. But then my perspective is more combat oriented than ritual, and so I cannot really fault the simple organic elegance the designer had in mind for these swords.

There are a couple of more traditional looking blades, albeit with the same simple finish, on the site, however I have to say these two are my favorite. Though now that I think about it, I’m not entirely sure i would prefer to have a foot impaled with one of these, or with one of your regular, run-of-the-mill flashy swords.

For one thing, I’m thinking a shiny highly polished mirror finished sword would probably go in and come out smoother than a simply finished sword … But that’s just me thinking aloud here…

The Ram, Spiral Path swords – [Wayland Forge/Witchcraft Ltd.]