Today we get to look at a sword, made for a fictional story, that was written just to showcase the designers swords… Yep, you read right… In contrast to other sword manufacturers, who try to piggy back on the popularity of an existing movie, story or product, this sword is intended represent a weapon from a fantasy story which was written ostensibly for the sole purpose of giving his weapons a “back story”.  Yet another brainchild of the knife designer Kit Rae. You gotta give him props for originality and imagination…

Anathros - Sword of the Earth. By Kit Rae

Anathros - Sword of the Earth. By Kit Rae

There are many things about this sword that I like. Even the blade by itself is very interesting. The tip of the blade ends in a simple, fairly acute spear point, but unlike most other sword blades, this blade has been ground such that it appears to carry a hexagonal shaped cross-section all the way to the ricasso. I really like the way it looks.

The engraving on the ricasso itself is a nice touch, and while the cut outs do add a little more character to what is a very large ricasso, I think it creates an area of structural weakness in the blade that it could really have done fine without. This small shortcoming is  completely overshadowed by the excellent cross guard design.

The cross guard is absolutely beautiful. Combining opposing, stemmed talons on either side of a set of central claws, the design is genius. And there is a subtle organic feel to the way they all flow together. The wire wrapped grip, which is fairly average on it’s own, makes up for it’s mediocrity by drawing emphasizing to both the hilt and the intricate pommel, which is also adorned with two opposing claws.

This design execution of this sword is just excellent. Now I usually like a little contrast (namely, some black) in my shiny chrome weapons, but every now and then, I run across a sword that is perfect just as it is. This is definitely one of them.

Anathros – Sword of the Earth – [CB Swords]