OK, so does anyone else name their favorite weapons? My family and friends have been known, on occasion, to ridicule me for naming some of my favorite weapons, (actually my car has a name also, but never mind all that : P) but is it really all that outrageous an idea?

Many cultures have named weapons of great cultural significance. It is an integral part of their cultural history and folklore. As An interesting side note, the swords of pretty much every major character in JRR Tolkiens Lord of the Rings had a name. If you’ve only watched the movie, you might have picked up on the major players, weapons wise, such as Narsil and, of course, Sting, however the list of named weapons of Middle-Earth is much longer than originally imagined.

Named weapons have actually been culturally defining, being characters in their own right. You have King Arthurs Excalibur. Thors hammer Mjolnir. The famous and infamous swords of Japans Masamune and Muramasa are well known to most sword aficionados and, not surprisingly, Many video game enthusiasts, as they have adopted many of these names. The list goes on, and on, and on, but I think you get the point. So take that ye naysayers!! Dunno if I’ve convinced anyone of my normalcy, (I’m prolly just wasting my time) but I kinda feel better about naming my blades… ; )